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5 Unique Valentine's Day Facts you probably don't know

No, I am not going to show you a mirror to tell you the fact that you are single. Although that might be true, haha. Coming to the point, these facts are something different than the above-mentioned fact. Valentine's Day is a wonderful day to honor love in all its forms. Couples celebrate their love and admiration for one another on February 14th. There is no disputing that this particular day is significant for those in love. Valentine's Day 2023 is around the corner and we know you are ready to celebrate it. Here are five fun Valentine's Day facts to help you celebrate. So before the day comes up, let's quickly check them out.

  • Valentine's Day was first celebrated in 496!

A Roman holiday called Lupercalia used to take place in the middle of February. The lads would draw a name from a box at this festival to choose a girl. During the event, they would remain with the person they chose. They would even sometimes marry if they wish to. However, later the church made the decision that they would turn this festival into a Christian celebration. Valentine's Day has only begun at this point.

5 Unique Valentine's Day Facts you probably don't know

  • The red rose represents love

The red rose has an association with Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love. It was thought that the soil where red roses were produced was moistened by Aphrodite's tears. And also with her love of Adonis' blood. Nonetheless, it now stands for eternal love. We hope you already know its importance so get ready to buy red roses more.

  • Originally, the "X" was not a symbol for a kiss

Currently, we use the symbol "X" to sign off emails and texts as a kiss. But the original intent of this letter was not for that. People in the medieval ages who couldn't sign their names would simply end sentences with an X. They would then kiss the X before sending the letter as a sign of love and loyalty. Pretty amazing, isn't it? 

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  • Valentine's Day Is Celebrated In Different Ways In Different Places

The world celebrates Valentine's Day in a variety of ways. Men in Japan receive chocolate gifts from women. On March 14th, often known as White Day, men then return the favor a month later. Whereas, in Finland, they celebrate Feb 14 as Ystävänpäivä or Friends Day.

  • The second-most popular day for card sending is Valentine's Day

People give and receive love cards on Valentine's Day all across the world. In this regard, only Christmas comes in second. Since Valentine's Day is approaching, the majority of the mass-produced cards have already been sold. This concludes the list of Valentine's Day Facts.

Last words:

To wind up, let me tell you that if you are mingle, there's one more important fact to learn. And it is that you have to spend a lot of money on buying beautiful gifts for your beloved. So get ready and spread the love this Valentine's day for 2023.

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