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Marriage brings bigger Scam with it

Marriage carries with it a bigger scam, and the cause for this is due to a variety of factors. Marriage is a wonderful experience and a significant event in one's life. However, not everyone is capable of dealing with it and the obligations that come with it.

When two people decide to marry, it is no longer a matter of two people; it is now a matter of two families. Friends, relatives, and neighbours attend the league as well, and as too many people participate in it, conflicts, disputes, and disagreements arise, leading to the first explanation for complications and issues in marriage.

Couple wedding

The second reason is the most famous one. When a couple is in a relationship or loves each other, they want to marry and will go to great lengths to make the relationship succeed. Promises, presents, quality time, and other gestures are made to make them feel unique, but after they get married, all of these aspects fade away as new responsibilities arise. Furthermore, human nature is designed in such a manner that once they get what they desire, they lose interest in it. So, if we speak in terms of percentages, we can say that out of a total of 100 per cent, just 30 - 40%, and at most 45%, of the effort has been put in.

This contributes to argument and debate, and one can sense that they are trapped in a real scam. As a result, we sometimes hear people claim that things change after tieing the knot. Since two people are different and have been practising their routines and ways of life in different ways for years, adjusting together under one roof is a difficult task. A lot of the time, people are left with no passion in their marriage and they only try to keep things together under coercion.

Families are often unsupportive and often trigger squabbles during the wedding. Be it's a love marriage or an arranged marriage, ladies, particularly the bride's mother in law, lavish praise on her daughter in law before the wedding vows are exchanged. Stuff alter afterwards. The best trick that one can detect might be over here, where you would be referred to as a goddess at first and then as a devil.

Relatives and neighbours are nevertheless manipulative. A dysfunctional marriage may also result from comparison, taunting, and being trolled by these people. Things can get worse at times because of both of these factors, which can also cause the marriage to fail. How unfortunate that so many hopes get shattered. Couples can also sense that they were fine before getting married, and as a result, many tend to remain single. 

I won't suggest you to not get marry, just be prepared to solve every trap. Expect less of what was promised before the wedding and pledge only those things that you will actually do for your partner, listen to people but don't accept their opinions about you, and finally don't be afraid if things turn out disappointing. Remember that every marriage, to some extent, experiences such scams, so be patient; all will be perfect in the end.

Married Couple

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  1. Is that the reason we are not getting married??

  2. Scam ??... May be πŸ˜ƒ

    1. Hahaha maybe not for you.. Blessed personπŸ˜ŠπŸ‘


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