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Why this time, Valentines Day is going to be different?

 Why am I telling you this that this Valentine's Day is going to be different has many aspects. Firstly, like the last Valentines, which we had to spend at home due to coronavirus won't be that much problematic to all this time.

To refer what all you can do on Valentines Day, be you are Single or Mingle, click here.

Further, this Valentine's Day is not the same because I am going to give you a different idea of what you can do this time.

However, let me tell you Love is Beautiful and if you are into someone and the love is true, Congrats you are on the right track. So, there are many things you can actually do this day which includes going to your favourite place with them to watching out favourite Series or dancing together on any of your favourite songs.

Few of the new gifts you can check out for your partner could be-

These are some of the gifts you can present to your loved ones. Check them out. You can gift a few of them or all of them or just anyone depending on what their preferences and liking would be.

Gifts are a beautiful part. It shows efforts, love, concern, care and creates best memories. So, to make it more special, I have another idea to take it on a different level.

It's very simple, yet the most beautiful gift and I am very sure they are gonna like it because it's about music and who will say no to it?

What all you have to do is prepare a list of 30 most romantic songs and download them. You can either play them when they are around or gift them so whenever they miss you, they can listen and think about you. I agree everyone nowadays has youtube and can share links and do all those things which are easier but efforts taken shouldn't be easier in love. Do something little old, little new and something different. Remember, we all still miss 9xm and school time when there was no smartphone but peaceful blessed golden time.

In case if you don't have time or don't know which songs you should include, here are some of my favourite songs and suggestions for you so you can add them and present it to your soulmate. Easier?  I told you it's going to be different this time. I am trying my best to help you with your Valentine's Day preparation.

girl playing guitar for her boyfriend

Coming back to the songs with their movie name, here it goes-

1- Do you know? - Housefull 2

2- Hosanna - Ekk Deewana Tha

3- Zara si Dil mei de jagah - Jannat

4- Rishte Naate - De Dana Dan

5- Despacito - Hindi Rap Mix Cover

6- That's all I really Waana Do Song - Teri Meri Kahaani

7- Soniyo - Raaz 2

8- Dil Ibadat kar Raha hai - Tum Mile

9- Zara Zara Behkta Hai - Rehna hai Tere Dil mei

10- Nazm Nazm - Bareily ki Barfi

11- Kitni Harat hai Humein - Sainak

12- Subhanallah - Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

13- Duniya - Luka Chuppi

14- Khaab - Akil's Punjabi song

15- Pehli Pehli baar Mohobat ki hai - Sirf Tum

16- Mere Bina - Crook

17- Aye Mere Hamsafar - Qayammat se Qayammat Tak

18- Ye Shaam mastani - Katti Patang

19- Jab koi baat bigad jaye - Jurm

20- Wada raha pyaar se pyaar ka -  Khakee

21- Tu he meri shab hai - Gangster

22- Soch na Sake - Airlift

23- Dil mei ho tum -  Why Cheat India

24- Tu he haqeeqat - Tum Mile

25- Thoda aur - Ranchi Diaries

26- Tera hone laga hoon - Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani

I told you 30 songs, right? Well, I can suggest you more but I want you to add 4 songs by yourself which defines your love story and which both of you like a lot. You can also choose some of the above songs and add the rest by your own or increase the number of songs by 30 to 40 or 50 whatever you prefer.

That's all folks. Hope you have a great Valentines week. Don't forget to spread love and do comment on what you are planning for this Valentines. 

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