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Part 3 of How he destroyed his own relationship

Time was up and it was sufficient enough to know how he destroyed his own Relationship. Abhi's project got hit, he made loads of money and he came back to India forever. He was so happy to meet his parents and friends and was taking good rest too.

Abhi finally asked about Pragya to his parents as her number wasn't reachable. However, they said nothing and left from there. He thought they don't know anything about Pragya so he asked his friends about the same but they didn't respond anything either. Nobody was ready to talk about Pragya so it made Abhi a little mad which made him shout. His parents then told him that when they called him to talk about Pragya, he wasn't ready to listen to it so they all decided not to talk anything about this girl.

Abhi said sorry and tried explaining his situations but his parents said nothing about her. Abhi decided to go to her place and meet her but when he reached there, he saw the home was locked. Asking the neighbours, he got to know that 8 months back only, these people shifted to some other place and they actually don't know where.

Abhi got shatter. He thought this can't be the truth or maybe Pragya is doing a prank on him as he wasn't available for her and didn't listen to her but the truth was something else. She, along with her family in reality left to some other place, which nobody knew.

Pragya isn't married, nor she is weak anymore, she just got to know that some lovers are really cowards and some decisions are just so stupid that they destroy everything, even the love of the years. Abhi was very disturbed after knowing all these. He wanted to know the well being of Pragya and wanted to meet her but nobody actually knew about this.

He was so disturbed that his parents one day sat with him and asked him the matter. Abhi getting a little frustrated replied them by saying that as if they don't know about the matter. He said he is missing Pragya, he wants to meet her and talk to her. It's been more than 8 months they haven't even talked and nothing seems right now. To this, his father said that he shouldn't be worried as he got success, name, money and did so great for the company. He should focus more on work and money as new projects are on the line.

Abhi got so hurt hearing this and told his father that he has earned enough and doesn't want to move with new things anymore. He asked him to stop taunting and help him with anything they know about the girl. Abhi knew that his parents and Pragya were always in touch so they must be knowing something and maybe that's the truth. 

His father revealed that before Pragya left the state, she did come to meet them and that was the exact time when he called Abhi to talk something about Pragya to which Abhi told that he doesn't want to talk anything about her and wants to focus only on work. His father said that he destroyed his relationship completely that day. Pragya heard those things too and they had no other option left, they even have assured Pragya that when Abhi will listen about Pragya leaving the state, he will definitely take things seriously but instead of it, he wasn't ready to talk which made it the end of the story.

They also revealed that honestly none of them know about Pragya and her family now but they are never coming back and must be happy wherever they are. Abhi really got shattered but he understood that there was no way left to get back Pragya now. His parents advised him to get married to someone else as even Pragya told them clearly that this is it. 

I don't have to tell anything else after this. You yourself know what must be happening later. Pragya is living her own life and Abhi is dealing with his own mistakes. A love story that didn't get completed sadly because of wrong choices. Hence, Choose love, Choose wisely. 


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  2. At times this is actually the reality of every two person who loves each other the void is always concentrated on future and a girl is always concentrated in present life just because a boy doesn't give value for the present life will lose it his love the one it is a very beautiful story and it is the truth of life


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