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How he destroyed his own relationship?

            It's been said that if we leave the doors open, outsiders and robbers would step into your home to gain their power over your property. Same goes with the relationship, too. That's exactly how he destroyed his relationship with the girl he loved the most.

            Abhi and Pragya were in a happy relationship for around 2 years. Like every other couple, they used to go out on dates, used to have a great time each time they met. They used to visit new locations to see their favourite friends, have brunch together, and most importantly, they were very serious for each other.

Happy couple

            Their mates, too, understood their love story, and they thought their love story would last longer. They thought the same thing, because who doesn't want a fairy tale to stay forever?

            Pragya was a loyal, cute, caring girlfriend. She really loved Abhi, and she always think of him in everything she do. Abhi was also passionate about Pragya. He made Pragya meet every friend and family members of him. Abhi was a nice and best person untill he was with Pragya.

            Things are not necessarily in our favour, and we can't believe our fate. Beautiful moments sometimes turn into the worst of things, and that's what happens to this lovely couple. Though they both decided to get settled in the upcoming year, Abhi wanted something more, too. Something that wasn't the need for an hour, nor it would be carrying any importance as compared to their relationship, yet somehow people felt it was the most important thing. 

Broken heart image

            That was the limit. It was a bad end of a strong relationship. The steps he took to ruin his perfect loving relationship left him ashamed of his behaviour, and he still hate, how he killed his own happiness. How foolish he maybe, even in the middle of how hard he's struggling, he can't get Pragya back to his life.

            So you probably want to know about what Abhi got into and how he ruined his incredibly perfect love life? It's something people don't get past, it's something they call greed. Greediness to get what they want, no matter what else they lose between their vanity, they just want it by any way.

            Pragya begged Abhi and insisted and asked and screamed and did what she could to make him choose love over greed, but Abhi didn't listen because he wasn't content with what he had and decided to increase his avarice.

What exactly happened between the two?

             It was the day when Abhi's parents decided to visit Pragya's family so they could talk about the wedding and ceremonial stuff. They both were so pleased that after just a few months they would be called as the 'Newly Married Couple.' Saying Abhi bye, Pragya was heading to her house. She was so happy that everyone in her place asked her the reason behind it, but she decided to enjoy the moment and tell everyone after a while so she went to her room to celebrate her excitement.
Happy girl picture

              Little does she knows what will it take to stay happy after hearing the news the next day.  What happened the next day, read on How he destroyed his own relationship? Part 2

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