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How he destroyed his own Relationship part 2

            So we were discussing in the last post about Abhi and Pragya's beautiful relationship which ended due to Abhi's stupid decision. Let's learn more about how he destroyed his own relationship in this blog post.

What exactly happened between the two?

             It was the day when Abhi's parents decided to visit Pragya's family so they could talk about the wedding and ceremonial stuff. They were both so pleased that after just a few months they would be called the 'Newly Married Couple.' Saying Abhi bye, Pragya was heading to her home. She was so happy that everyone at her place asked her the reason behind it, but she decided to enjoy the moment and tell everyone after a while so she went to her room to celebrate her excitement.
Happy girl picture

              Little does she knows what will it take to stay happy after hearing the news the next day.  So she got up the next day and thought to call Abhi like she does every day.

              She tried to contact Abhi almost 10 times, but she couldn't reach him. She was a little concerned but decided she'd try to call him again after a while. She called Abhi again, doing all her usual work, and this time Abhi picked up the call and told Pragya something she wasn't ready to learn.

               Abhi told Pragya that he had a business offer from Newyork, and if everything went well they might make a massive chunk of money. Pragya was delighted to hear this before Abhi announced the terms and conditions that laid out that because of this mission, they had to delay their wedding for almost 2 years, as Abhi had to go to New York again and again and do a lot of hard work to make it a success.

What's next?

                A day before they decided to get married in a few months, then another day Abhi asked to delay it, made Pragya very upset. She told Abhi that if he wants to take this chance, he should move ahead, just don't postpone the wedding and do what his parents had scheduled the last evening. She tried her utmost to make Abhi realise that they should afford some time for their wedding as two years time is too much. She also spoke to Abhi's parents, and they agreed with Pragya, but Abhi had made a strong decision which he had no plans to change or alter.

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               Everyone tried to make Abhi know that marrying now won't trigger something but delaying it might also cause him to miss a girl he loves a lot as nobody waits for too long and if he gets married, he can take Pragya with him on all his business trip, but Abhi had some other thoughts in his head, which he admitted to Pragya that he wants a grand wedding and a full concentrated mind which isn't feasible now in a rush.

              So he requested Pragya to wait until the project was over. To this Pragya told him that they should have a small wedding and after 2 years they could throw a grand celebration or reception party but Abhi tried to make Pragya believe that his ideas were better than hers. This debate got never ended and arguments heated up constantly.
              Days passed, months passed but Abhi got busy more and more into his work and like any other breakup story, the one left behind faced a lot of pain and emotional trauma. I am not saying it was a breakup but it wasn't nothing less than that. Everyday Pragya asked Abhi if he is changing his mind or not and every time Abhi's response was no. At times, Abhi even told Pragya that he could risk anything to get what he wants. This was the beginning of an end.

              Six months have gone by and Pragya still wishes that Abhi can understand at least now, but nothing has succeeded. Abhi's parents tried to make Abhi understand, too but Abhi didn't even want to listen to them. Instead, because of a lot of responsibilities, he used to disconnect his Parents' call, which made them know that Abhi had really gone too far.

              Pragya was asked to meet a new guy and get married to him. The one that can't keep promises doesn't deserve her. She ought to get all the happiness and it wasn't appropriate to wait for such a man. Pragya felt, however, to wait because she believed in her love. She was hoping that Abhi would realise what he was doing is wrong and come back again. But guess what? He didn't.

            He was making a lot of money and telling everybody including Pragya, how pleased he was with his decision, and how soon he was going to have a grand wedding. Pragya, however, told him one day that she did not want a grand wedding and would settle for a court marriage. She thought it would make Abhi come back, but Abhi told her in a cynical way that he want a perfect wedding, and if she didn't want it, he would prefer another gorgeous girl as his bride.

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            I know that he wasn't sincere about his words, but those words were too much for someone who's still really emotional these days. I mean, Pragya is waiting for Abhi and not even getting married to another guy when asked by her friends, her parents and everyone else and what Abhi is saying? That he will choose another female to get married to? Like seriously, huh?

            This was enough for her because later she heard no apologies. That's too much, she thought, and that was the end. She called him the next day and told him that she is breaking up with him because she is getting married to a man, her mother had chosen for her. Abhi thought she was joking the way he was sarcastic last night, so he laughed and mocked her saying that she is choosing to get arranged marriage done and that she was really liked by no other guy, that's why she's going for a choice, her mom made.

            Saying sorry and explaining to her that he was just pulling her legs, Abhi said "Stop making such stupid scenarios, I am not coming back any soon. It can get extended but it won't get completed early. You have to wait and you have to wait. And just don't feel offended with my words. I was kidding when you said you are getting Married."

            Pragya just responded, saying, "You were joking, and you were never serious. You may be serious someday, but things won't be in your hands at all." They both disconnected and continued to live their respective lives.

What Happened Next?

            After that, Pragya never called him. However, Abhi attempted to call her 2-3 times in between but she did not respond. Abhi figured she was going to be perfect, and he would need some space to get involved with another important project. Days had gone, months had passed, and a day had arrived when Abhi's parents called him. Abhi picked up the call and asked his parents about their well-being, and even told them that he was fine, too. When his dad began with Pragya's topic, Abhi told him he's just interested in his work for now and doesn't want to discuss anything about Pragya. Saying this he disconnected the call and went to look something out of the window.

Guy lost in thoughts looking out of the window

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