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Why is it essential for you to learn your relationship status?

Lovers cherishing their me time and are so happy with each other.

            A individual is always asked if they are single or in a relationship, or whether they are married. Learning the relationship status of a person is mostly done to understand his or her identity.

           Many times we ourselves get lost in our perception of our relationship designation and when someone questions us about it, we become confused about what answer we can consider giving them. There can be multiple reasons behind this. We will do talk about why one should learn about their relationship status here. Anyway let's first take a look at what the major relationship designations are-


            A individual is single from birth until the time they get a partner. It is a very simple description I can provide on the 'Single' title.

            People often choose to be single because they believe relationships are hectic and will give only temporary happiness. They don't like being in a relationship and few don't want to make commitments because they're not willing to take any responsibilities.


            Love is what all needed for a succesful relationship. When someone gets a partner and are ready to commit, they get into a relationship. Relationships are blessings for the ones who are truly in love.

            The first date, the first love and the new feelings are the must to endure in a relationship. You can get to experience such a wonderful thing once you become mingle.

3- It's Complicated

          As the name says, "Complicated." This is the period when the relationship is going through complications. When partners are engaged in a serious conflict or deal with issues and are not sure whether they are in a relationship or not, their relationship is considered to be complicated.

4- Engaged/ Married

            Best part of a relationship is when it gets it's destination. Being engaged or married to your love is what you have dreamt for. If your relationship status is engaged or married, you are lucky.

5- In an Open Relationship

            This can be tougher to digest for many people as not everyone can accept this kind of relationship status. Open Relationship basically means a relationship in which both the partners agree that they may have sexual relations with others.

So these are basically 5 kind of relationship designation. Now let's understand, why is it essential for you to learn your relationship status?

            Wherever we go, just like basic information about our identity like name, place of living, etc is asked by everyone, in the same way people do ask us about our relationship status. This is a very common question. However, you can only answer this question if you yourself know whether what title you can give yourelf here. 

            This means should you consider yourself single or committed or engaged with your lover. At times, you are on hold, you don't know whether you are single or committed. Should you wait till you and your partner fix your love life or should you move on and get another perosn in your life? This is when you call it being things complicated.

            If you are single, committed or engaged, you can directly answer anyone the true thing but if there's a confusion about your relationship, it's time to learn about it which means make a firm decision whether you want to continue it with the tag of it's complicated or get single. You can even make relationship work if you both take efforts but holding it just like that can only create mess. That's why you need to learn if it's gonna work or not.

           Learning can make you understand more clearly and this will make both partner's life easy. You guys can explore other relationships in which you both could be comfortable in. Not everytime this is gonna work as it's completely depend on your luck. Also, remember that being single or being in a happy relationship is much better than being in a complicated relationship. 

Do you know if your relationship is worth like the line of this song- 

"Tu dede mera saath, tham le haath chahe jo bhi ho baat, Tu bas de de mera saath."

            That's upto you whether you choose to do whatever with your love life but you need to know if you re on a right track, if you are hapy, if you are keeping your partner happy, and if you are being just to your relationship or not. This is very important. People will just ask you about which tag you belong to but you are the one who knows if it's worthy, if it's good for you or not. So, take time out and study a little about your love life. That's all. Have a happy Sunday and a worthy love life..! 

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