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How to celebrate National First Love Day in 2020

About National First Love Day-

What is National First Love Day?

A day for couples. Remember the very first time you had a butterfly in your stomach for that someone special? With whom you got to know what's the feeling of love is all about. 

We always fall into love with somebody we admire and this is the day we first look back on. It is a memorable day and can be enjoyed in several different ways. Hey, recollect who your first love was?

When is National First Love Day celebrated?

National First Love Day has been celebrated since 2015, on September 18th. 
In 2020, it is on Friday's day. 

Beautiful flower perfect for beautiful love occasions.

History about this Day-

National First Love Day started in 2015 in the US and continues to be celebrated across the country every year. The holiday originated in the United States and is held annually nationwide. There is no indication as to how this day was made and why.

What we know is that someone has to consider their first love partner to do this. It's the sweet nostalgia of memories that allowed this national holiday to proceed.
One reason it was founded was to pull back the memories of the first time we had felt love in a romantic relationship. 

Why First Love is a significant phase?

First love or first date is very romantic, because until now, you've only seen it in movies or TV shows or read about it in books, but when you fall into it, you come to know, "Hell this is my moment, my life, and I'm the King / Queen of this amazing love story."

The first idea of love has always been the greatest part of our lives, and we all must have loved that moment.

What to do on this particular Day?
- Go out on a Movie Date.
- Go to the same place where you guys have met first or where you went for a first date.
- Do a gang Party.
- Visit the place you wanted to visit for so long.
- Special quality time together.
- Sing a song or dance together.
- Go Clubbing.
- Gift the best thing to your person.
- Go on a long drive or to beaches.
- How about a dinner date?
- Last but not least, Love your Companion truly.

P.S. Due to Coronavirus and pandemic, make sure you take all the measures and avoid visiting crowded places like clubs and beaches, etc. You can try them on the next National First Love Day in 2021.

Apart from that, you should also know that not everyone has had their first love as their companion still. Some relationships survive, few of them don't. So if you're seeing the same person-your first love right now, you're lucky, because it's a perfect day for both of you.

However if due to some of the other reasons, they are not a part of your life now or it may have ended on a bad note, you can still think about the good memories you have shared with them- the first date, the romantic movie, and all the best part of that relationship.

If you are dating someone currently, you can thank them for being the best partner and you can celebrate this day with them. Consider it as a "First True Love Day." And honestly, love doesn't need any day to celebrate as it should be admired every day but If there's a special day made for love, why not make it extra special by celebrating it in the best possible way.

Which other special day falls on 18th September 2020?

Respect Day. To shower respect to everyone because every individual deserves respect. Be polite and helpful to all the elders and to your partner not just on this day but every time. 

The day will help encourage people to learn deeply about how they treat others all year long.

So, What's your plan on how to celebrate this day? Let me know in the Comment box. Also, let me know if you were aware of this day or not? If yes, have you celebrated this day before, and if not, are you planning something awesome for this day this time?
And hey, Happy National First Love Day in advance -) Enjoy.!

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