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Ever regretted after sacrificing your relationship?

Have you ever regretted having sacrificed your relationship for something that would be fleeting or permanent? Have you ever sacrificed your love life for someone or something? If yes, this is the post for you.

Love is love. Love is happiness. Love is life. Love makes us feel alive. Love has the power to change every situation and make things work but what if love is what you fail at? What if you're compromising your relationship for something that isn't even worthy? A love life where you were meant to make compromises for your partner, but you chose something opposite.

Girl sitting lost somewhere regretting of what all happened

Remember those moments when you two were happy together, dreaming best for the future, planning so many things and whatnot. Remember that day when you promised them that you will be there always by their side? Aren't you the same one who choose the best gift to present them which almost took you days to plan the surprise for them? You both were so in love with each other. How could you lose this beautiful relationship for something that was just temporary? Are you happy now?

If you are happy, then well and good. However, if you are not, then why? How could you lose someone so special? How could you let them go? Was your temporary thing so important or was it just your persistence that made you apart from the one so close to your heart? Did they demand something which wasn't in your hand? Did you even try to try it? Did you put some effort into this matter? At least, a little?

Okay, was it your family that you had them leave? Then wait, why did you choose them for you in the first place if you had family issues and fears? Were you just planning to do time pass? Cool, then you shouldn't regret now. Another thing, if you have sacrificed your love for a career or on the way to success, please then stick to the important career phase for the rest of your life. If you think this particular thing is that important, then work even when you will be at the age of 70 or 80 years. Don't stick to your partner at that time too. At that point, do not expect some affection and caring either.

Don't give excuses saying things were bad, things were this, things were that. Instead say, "I did bad, I didn't care and I lose the best." I am not being rude but you really did bad if you ever left your relationship half the way. If you say it was for their happiness, ask yourself whether you were their happiness or not? What happened suddenly? Try to recollect everything. Try to fix things. That is needed or else if you are just counting the bad part, you'll never actually settle down. No one is perfect.

Girl thinking of what all wrong happened

Now think once again, regretted? Regretting? Ever will?

Then apologize for what you did to them. At least you will feel a little better. Maybe they have moved on, maybe you won't ever get them back but saying sorry would help you to recover from your anxieties, and hopefully, that will make them feel better too. You need to understand that you did wrong to them. Firstly you were there for them, things were going great, and suddenly for stupid things you sacrificed your love. How did you manage to do this? Was breaking a relationship, easier for you?

While risking your relationship, didn't you think about that person who was love for you, who actually made you know how love feels? Why no care? Why didn't you fix it when it was supposed to? Can you now try once to make it work this time, be it with the same person or with somebody else? If you both plan to continue your relationship by any chance, will you prove to them that this decision was worthy enough? If so, I'll be more than happy for both of you.

And if they are gone now, and you choose to get into another relationship, try not to repeat that mistake of losing your person this time. Make them your priority, grow your relationship, and just stay happy with them. Love is a pure feeling and a blessing. Not everyone gets it. If you come across it, don't destroy it.

Boy regretting of what all happened in his love life

As always I wish good luck to you all. Make yourself so strong that you never have to make such decisions wherein you regret or your partner suffers. Let them be proud of you. And hey in any case if they sacrifice you and destroy this relationship, explain to them what they are losing. If they still don't understand, no worries, just smile and let them lose a gem. 

Happy Sunday. And stay tuned for the next article.

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