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Don't want to get Mingle? Be a Happy Single.

Boy happy alone exploring new place

Many people want to get mingle but fear not to enter into a relationship, few people think about what to do if someone wants you to find a partner for yourself, but you don't want to get mingle. Be a happy single, then.

Yes, remaining single and not entering into a relationship has no concern. You should be single for as long as you want. Also, you're going to find yourself surrounded by so many couples. Some of them are going to be happy with each other while others are all playing around.

Pleasant relationships are a blessing and you should know that not everybody is blessed. It also needs patience, commitment, certain sacrifices, deep empathy, and true love to get relationships to function smoothly. If you're among the one who hates commitments and feels you may refuse to do so, I suggest you don't get someone just to change your relationship status.

If all your friends are dating and want you to date too but you know you don't like anyone, can you do that? If so, why the hell? If you don't have any emotions for anyone, even if you still want to go ahead, don't you know it's not going to go a long way? Then why choose it?

Take this example, if some job you find is out of your comfort zone, do you do it simply because someone else is doing it, or do you try it for once just for the sake of doing it? In case you do that, you know you're not going to get the right results. Similarly, if you are not interested in love as of now, why don't you postpone it until you get your perfect match as waiting for the perfect timing is better than getting into a wrong relationship or cheating or getting cheated by your partner.

Girl exploring new place

Be single, and be satisfied. You know obligations come with companionship and if you feel you can't do that, remain single. This is good for the mental health of both yours and theirs. At least, or likewise, you won't get hurt. There is no need to do things that you don't want to do. Don't get into any pressure or don't let situations make you someone you are not. If you are happy being single, stay like that. Don't complicate things in any way.

You should know that no one loves you more than yourself. If you feel that your friend's relationship is going so well, also you feel that you don't have anyone and just because of this reason if you choose to get yourself, someone, you are not actually making a wise decision as in that way you just want to kill the loneliness and not get a true companion to whom you'll seriously love. I always say don't let temporary things kills the permanent one. The same goes for feelings.

There are a majority of people who get into a wrong relationship and end up hating love. Love isn't bad but your choice could be. People make wrong choices when they are in a hurry and are not ready. That's why till the time you aren't completely prepared, don't go for it. Take your time. Love yourself, upgrade yourself and be the best version for your better half and I am sure in this way you can save your a lot of time, energy, and love for the one who truly deserves it.

So, don't be in a hurry and don't come into any pressure. Just enjoy your single life with your friends or with family and explore the world, do things that amaze, and excites you as you matter the most to yourself. Be a happy Single. Love yourself.

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