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Common Fears in a Relationship

            Though very few are lucky enough to have an affair with the one they love, we should not forget that there can be some common fears they could endure in a relationship. Let's see in this article, what are they.

1- Unfaithfulness.

            The very big fear amongst the couples is the fear of getting cheated by the one they love. If your partner has planned to cheat you, they will at some point no matter how much you are good to them but that doesn't mean you should not fall in love. Not loving someone you actually love is not in your hands. 

            Living with the fear of learning that your partner is unfaithful to you is very difficult to handle, as such acts can not allow you to live peacefully, and doubting is bad for a relationship. So what you can do here is understand your partner's behavior, learn their actions, and try not to be blind. Try maintaining a healthy relationship and also understand that worrying all the time isn't worthy nor pleasing.

            Cheaters can cheat any time, most importantly don't ever be a cheater and instead try to be a true lover.

2- Commitments

            Another big worry many couples have is getting committed to each other. None of us are actually ready for a commitment as we don't want responsibility and are just looking for casual dating to have fun.

            There are also cases where one partner is ready for a commitment and the second isn't due to xyz reasons. If your relationship is into this particular phase, what all you may do is try explaining all the good sides of getting committed to them, make them comfortable, and have some patience till the time your partner doesn't get over this fear.

3- Fear of Abandonment

            We get a panic attack with the thought of losing someone we love deeply.  Fear of Abandonment occurs due to your partner's uncertainty about yourself, past experiences, or lack of support or clarity in a relationship.

            These concerns can lead you to challenge your relationship by starting a war, by questioning them every time just to ensure your relationship or at worst by crushing your partner's goodness, all of which can totally ruin your happy love life.

Teddy all alone lost in it's thoughts

4- Losing yourself in pleasing them

            Often we lose ourselves while settling down with our partner. The level of adjustment is basically high here and henceforth we feel we are no longer the one we used to be. This is the apprehension that you never want to feel for yourself as in the end, even when the relationship is going well, but you will see that you miss the inner harmony that does not help you to live happily.

            Just because many people have a fear of losing themselves while pleasing their partner, they don't try to change even a little bit thinking that if they do so, it will become a habit of adjusting all the time which may lead them closer to their fear. As a result, they sacrifice their relationship.

5- Failure

            No, I am not just talking about failing in a relationship. I am also talking that whatever you do in your career path or generally while planning a surprise for them or maybe anything and if you fail in it, you may start getting negative vibes. 

            You may think you are not good enough and this thought can badly affect you and your love affair. Failure is the part of life and fearing it will make the situation worst. You can try and try till you succeed in the field you may have got failed. Fixing things could be another help you can do to yourself but just don't these worries affect you and your happy love life.

            Although these common fears may leave you stressed and can make you emotionally weak at times, you need to remember that time has the power to heal everything. You need to find ways to overcome your fears and choose the most right thing for yourself. Don't overthink much about what will happen in the future though it's important, but future fears will not let you live peacefully in the present.

            Always remember that doubting or questioning your companion or worrying every time may only screw your current relationship with them and do nothing else. I know trusting in today's world is not easy but living with these insecurities will not make anything good either. That's why I say choose wisely and choose love over other things. Love has the power to make things work absolutely nicer. It will surely make you overcome your anxieties. 

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