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Will a rebound relationship helps you to overcome the pain of a major breakup?

What is a Rebound Relationship?

Couple in a rebound relationship trying to rethink of whether they should continue with their relationship or not

          So what is a rebound relationship? We usually see when a serious relationship ends, one or both the partner suffers from mental as well as emotional trauma. They try to get over their past but many times they fail to get out of that pain.

          In order to forget their past, they try to move on by being in another relationship which basically means they search for a replacement of their exes. Let's understand it with a simple example.

          Rahul and Anjali were in a serious relationship for let's suppose 2 years but ended it on a bad note. They miss each other and their relationship a lot. However, they are trying to move on but Anjali is failing to be happy and can't forget her relationship so she decides to make new friends or talk to an old friend.

          Somehow she manages to replace Rahul by talking and meeting a new friend now, whose name is Sahil. After a few meets and lots of talks, Sahil and Anjali decide to be in a temporary or not so serious relationship. Here both of them agree to be in a time pass relationship where they will be dating each other but it will be a casual date.

         Sahil maybe didn't want to get committed and Anjali just wants to forget her past so she opted for a replacement relationship. So this is what a rebound relationship means.

          However, in a few cases, a person thinks that maybe a new relationship will be the right one for them which may / may not be true and often a rebound relationship ends too on bad terms and very quickly. 

Now let's talk about the main topic. Will a rebound relationship helps you to overcome the pain of a major breakup?

         The answer is yes. It helps you to think of new things, explore new places with your new partner that can give you temporary happiness. A happiness that lasts till you don't starts missing your old relationship. Whenever you start thinking about the past moments and think about how the new one is going, you will again get sad or frustrated.

         Let's again take the example of Anjali and Rahul, Anjali pretends to be happy when she is around Sahil but still misses her old relationship and Rahul a lot. She often feels that something is missing as her wounds and raw emotions haven't calmed down yet. 

         She hasn't come out of her previous relationship completely and she misses her ex still. She thought this new relationship will help her to heal her pain. But she is more confused now as she hurts herself more and can't manage her new relationship with Sahil at times. This, in turn, results in a breakup with Sahil. 

         Anjali might haven't been affected more this time while breaking up with Sahil as they were not that much emotionally connected with each other but for her, the recovery process has got postponed and she is still sad and emotionally weak.

Girl lost and confused after getting hurt in a relationship

          A person chooses a Rebound Relationship to move on and distract themselves from getting hurt but if they still are not able to forget their past, then they are just creating more ways to hurt themselves by being in a rebound relationship. This is risky for your emotional health as well as can even cause a problem to your new partner. Hence, it's advisable not to rush into dating after a breakup. Instead, You should fix yourself before being in another relationship.

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  1. It's good to be with someone to divert mind but not necessarily needed to get committed. This is what I believe ... A good friend can help too to move on ...

    1. Yes that's what staying as friend is better than getting into a rebound relationship.


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