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Why long distance relationship is tough?

          Every relationship is beautiful in its own way. Every relationship survives with many ups and downs. But the long-distance relationship is the toughest one. Read to know why.

Let's first understand the simplest meaning of it. A long-distance relationship involves two people who are in an intimate relationship but are geographically separated from one another. The reasons one should not choose to be in it can be-

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1- Time Issues
          The main reason why long-distance never works is time issues. Gone are the days when people used to write telegrams and wait for the reply for days and months. It's the new internet world and we can reach our respective partners via calls/video calls or through chats in a quick go. 

          This has become so habitual to us that we want to talk or chat daily with them and without disturbance which means we need fast replies and proper network connections and proper attention from our respective partners.

          Since mobile and social platforms are the only way of communication for long-distance couples, giving time on calls/chats are needed the most. If you guys are staying in the same country, then we can say that it's a little easy to manage 'WE Time' than staying in different countries where the timezones of both countries are different.

          Suppose you want to talk to them so desperately but they are busy with some work and you can't reach them or it's your morning and you so want to hear morning wishes from them but you can't hear anything as it's their night there and they are in their deep sleep. This will make you sad and hence, time issues are the worst part of a long-distance relationship.

          People often say that with the time you both may get habitual with the time or work zone of each other but honestly, it's never going to be easy at all. You will feel low or mad when they don't make time for you. This is my personal experience that I am sharing with you. But if you guys are okay with the different time zone and if schedule a fixed time for both of you then maybe this problem can get solved to some extent.

2- Loneliness
          As I said, the only mode of communication is via telephone and social platform, you will definitely feel lonely especially when there is no one to hang out with or when you are at a couple spot and see people holding hands, talking romantic, and celebrating festivals and occasions together. 

          Even when you hear anything from your friends and co-workers about what they are planning for the weekend or what surprises they got from their partner will make you happy for them but you will wish silently that you could too do the same with your partner.

          Talking on call and meeting them personally both are way too different and many of us would definitely choose the second option than the boring cellphone one.

          Who doesn't like to spend time together? We all want it. So, if you are thinking about the long-distance relationship, you are going to miss the real fun of being around each other. 

3- Misunderstanding 
            What you talk about and what they understand and vice versa can create misunderstanding between you two as there is little body language and only words to explain your feelings. This can only give rise to confusion and arguments.

             Topics to discuss and things to clear becomes easier when you both meet and talk to each other personally instead of sitting miles apart and misinterpreting things. A lot of things go wrong while communicating over long-distance.

4- Trust issues
          Obviously, living far from each other will also result in trust issues and jealousy. You have to be trustworthy and also trust your partner if you want the relationship to survive.

           You may feel getting cheated at times even though you are not. As you are not around them, you must live with doubts. The same goes for your partner. So, time and again you have to make them realize that honestly and completely they are the only ones you want to be always with but sometimes you may lack proving it. 

5-  Growing up apart
         This problem appears to be bigger if your relation began off as a "usual" one, but was forced to shift if you or your companion needed to move away because of college, or because of job requirements. 

         The whole dynamic of the relationship can be radically changed, as new surroundings and people can easily be drawn, and the "old" relationship can gradually fade away. The difficulties can emerge particularly for younger people because it's hard to accept and adapt to the new changes especially if those changes are unfavorable for them. 

          I know all the above points are just against the long-distance relationship. And the stress and problems in it can hurt you extremely but if you both decide to still choose it and wants to prove that long-distance can survive then it's really well and good. 

          You know the good part of being in a long-distance relationship proves that you guys love each other truly as you don't need physical intimacy to make your relationship work and instead you are working on building an emotional connection between you two. 

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          Also, you will get an idea of whether you both can manage stress and distance being apart or not. This will help you to make a decision about your future with them. By long-distance, you can understand each other more than anyone else can. It's all about how you both want things to go. 

          If either of you fails or isn't comfortable with it, it will actually cause more complications than you would expect but if you both are ready for it and work on it, you can smoothly handle every other thing in your relationship. 

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