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What if a younger man marries an elder woman?

         Falling in love with anyone seems perfect to all of us. Dating a person who's older than you is also normal but marrying an older man or elder woman is actually not easy especially if you live in Indian society. If you are someone who has any plans to date or get married to an elder woman, society and its taunts are going to make you think about your decision for like hundreds of times.
          I am not telling you that you should check their age before loving someone. Age doesn't matters when love is true. In fact, if you are dating an elder woman or have any plans to get married to her, it's completely fine. There are awesome advantages to dating an elder woman. They won't ask you or call you frequently for silly things like the girls of your age do, who have high expectations from you and need you around every time. Being matured, they can handle everything on their own. Not just that, but also they are very understanding and can manage their career, finance, etc, and can take better decisions in all aspects.

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          Having knowledge of people, an elder woman can help you pick the right ones and also help you in your business ideas or work. They are financially stable and won't need your help with it. Instead, they will help you with your career paths and in finding the right job/business. A better understanding woman creates no drama and also knows how to behave in public and when you guys are at some family or friends' functions. They will take care of you and you will definitely feel that your decision of marrying them is worth it. Even, they will help you get out of the worst situations very quickly as they have been to your age back then.
          Feels good no? But to reach a beautiful destination, you have to struggle a lot. You have to face society, your family, friends and relatives, Not to forget even the strangers will have objections from your relationship. Convincing them will be the hardest part. Right from the time you guys are dating each other, you are going to get humiliated from so many people including your near and dear ones. Everyone out there will just oppose this relationship and will never be good to you both especially when you are from India as in western countries, it won't be much problematic. Although an elder woman is mature, at some point in time, they need care and their expectations would be much higher which you can't understand or fulfill as your thinking and capacity of understanding would be different and much less as compared to theirs.

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            It will be very hard to go out with your woman to a friend's party as all of you can feel very discomfort especially when your friends' level of craziness is too much. Also, society will take years to accept you both. Things will get normal eventually after a good amount of time but as they are elder than you, they will reach old age sooner than you and at that time, they can't take care of yours like before and will need your complete attention and care towards them. Will you be able to look after her at that time? Love is not always about being together in the good times but being available for each other even at the hard times.
            Make your mind before taking any action. Love can make everything possible but are you ready for the real hustle? I wish you prove it that in real, age is actually just a number. That's it for today. I hope this article will help you a little if you are dating or planning to get married to an elder woman.

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