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Questions about your love life that you should ask yourself

            You will definitely see certain issues everyone dealing in a relationship. Sometimes you may ask those difficult questions to yourself while on the other hand, even your friends must be curious to know if you deal with any problem in your relationship. Below are some questions about your love life that you should ask yourself.

Beautiful flowers just like your beautiful your love life

 How is your love life going?

            Is it going good? Are you happy? Are you both peacefully maintaining your relationship? Or are there any issues that you both are facing?
            If things are well and good then no problem, you can skip this question and jump to the next but if not, you should think twice about your relationship with them and try to figure out solutions to make things right before it gets way too late. 
            Not everything is going to run smoothly as things may get bad at times. There is no need for leaving things as it is or to fight and do breakup on silly things. If you both try to make things work like sometimes you agree on their things and vice versa then to many extents you can experience changes in your love life if it is ever going down.

Are you currently dating someone depending solely on your mood and time?

            They are your partner and not a robot if you are dating them based on your mood and time. Like they are so good to you that they are being available to you whenever you need them and what about their wishes?
            They too have expectations from you and this relationship so in any case, if you are not giving sufficient time to this relationship and them then change your behavior, change your attitude or else your relationship won't work for a long time.
            A relationship needs love, care, and equal efforts to survive. Give it all to maintain peace between you both.

Who do you really have to pick between your mates and your partner while they have a contention?

            The right one. If your friend has the right point then you should take their side and if your partner is right, take their side. Pick the right one. Doing injustice with anyone is going to be your biggest mistake.
            If you can't make the right decisions on time, you may lose the right person. And there is no harm being a good human so choose wisely. Take a stand when needed, create an environment between you all wherein your friends should never be rude or bad to your partner, and vice versa. Then only, you all can live in peace and harmony.

Would you be a strong companion and give them a priority, at least, over all things?

            Forget about people, are you capable enough to choose your companion above everything else? Are you money-minded, workaholic, or materialistic? If it's like that and if you can't prioritize your relationship which I believe you have chosen for a long run or a forever kind, then sorry my friend, you are not on the right track.
            I am not asking you to abandon everything else and just stick to your partner for the entire day. No that's not the thing but if for you, every time everything else is important and not your partner like if you cancel your dates with them every time or won't give your relationship time, you are being unfair with your love life.

Will your heart hurt anytime you see them crying or when they are in tough times?

            This is a really important question. If the relationship between you both is deep, you need to see what is your action towards them when they are in their hard times. Are you going to help them get out of trouble? Will you be there when they need you or will you leave them behind to fight their battles alone?
            When watching them weeping doesn't affect your heart, you're obviously not serious about them. Love is a sensation where the toughest heart also melts, so we can't imagine our loved one suffering. How come we leave them alone when they're already tense? Forget if nothing else, a hug will fix a number of problems, and just being with them can make them feel good. Answer yourself if you're ready to be there with them in their bad time.

What do you mean about this relationship image

You guys really are a team together?

            If they're moving north, and you're selecting south, and if your viewpoint is always different from one another, are you guys really a team? A team requires tolerance, teamwork, and communication between the two, because if you don't, how are you going to be a good couple?
            And, if both of you are a team, you will see that you solve the problems together instead of debating. You're going to go through many issues and your sacrifices towards each other are going to send this relationship a success.

Are you guys planning to marry each other?

            Yes, if you have come together till here, your well-wishers will definitely want you both to get married. Even you two must have thought something about it. The best part of a relationship is when you both are comfortable with your relationship so much that you decide to get married and spend the rest of your life together.
             If you are amongst the one who hasn't decide anything yet, it's time to focus on this topic. Grant the relationship a lovely present by becoming official and preparing to marry each other. However, don't forget marriage comes with the highest responsibilities so be prepared for challenges and try not to mess things but instead make it simple and easy.

How to tackle future circumstances?

           Supporting each other
           -  Loving each other
           Understanding each other
           - Remembering that you both are a team and when any problem occurs, it's you both vs the problem and not you vs them.
           - Accepting the changes and make things simple instead of complicated.
           - Being prepared to even hear negative things about you but only you both can make it positive by standing by each other's side always.

P.S you will also face many such questions about your love life from your friends, family, and also by your partner too at times. These are just a few common ones that I have mentioned.

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