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Pros / Cons of Dating your Best Friend

            In this article, we'll perceive some of the major pros and cons of Dating Your Best Friend. But let's understand about Best Mates a little before getting into the main topic.

            The definition of a best friend is a person you value in your life above other friends, someone you have great times with, someone who understands you, and someone you trust completely. The first person you consider when you get positive news or when you want to go out anywhere is an instance to describe your bond with them.

            Dating your Best Friend is a good idea as they know all your secrets and they know how to make you laugh at times when you are upset or low. So if you are thinking about getting official with your best buddy, you should read some pros and cons to make a final decision. 

Best friends supporting each other always


1- You both know each other very well

            If it's the shortcomings or goals or behavior, attitude, or something important, best friends have a really clear understanding of each other. So, you don't really have to introduce each other again about your likes and dislikes and other stuff.

            If you are busy due to a hectic schedule, you don't have to explain to them the reasons as they already know everything. With them, things get a little easy and amazing.

2-  You don't have to impress them

            We all try our max to impress our date by doing the best possible things we could. Be it wearing cool clothes or taking them to the best place. We go on doing things that can help us to please our partner.

But with your best friend, things are different. You don't need to do anything and be the same casual person you are even if your relationship status has changed.

3- No Jealousy and Only Trust

            We've always learned of a best friend being a pop up in your relationship that leaves you a bit insecure and concerned. Yet if you're dating your best mate, there's no friction between you and another person.

            They're the loyal ones. Unlike anyone else, they're not going to dumb or abandon you. They're going to be there for you in good and poor days. Their love is real completely.

4- Forgiving them and accepting each other completely is easier here

            You won't stay angry at your closest buddy for a long time, so you can forgive them quickly, and that's a great aspect of a relationship where things don't get mixed up because of minor things.

            The family's permission for you both to marry each other is immediate because they learn about you both from the start. It's easier to withstand each other fully the way you guys are, so you don't really have to change your habits for each other. You're the best mates for years, and you both certainly won't demand adjustments from each other.

Couples sitting on a bench after a fight and are not talking to each other


1- You might not feel extra special on your first date.

            This is the same person you know for ages so there is a possibility that they will choose things and venues that you both always visit and like for your first date. There is nothing going to be extra special and no new feelings.

            You may probably feel it as a casual outing rather than a date in this case. 

2- Fights may mess up things

            You need to remember that your relationship status has changed now. The way you guys used to do pranks and fights won't be much healthier to deal with now.

            Relationships are sensitive and need extra care to be taken. You can't say to your partner that you were the same before and things were good like that. A little change is needed when you date your best buddy.

3- No one else to resolve your relationship problems

            Previously when you used to have any relationship issues, you used to go straight right to your best friend for asking help and tips which could not be feasible now if you are dating your best friend. 
            It could generally not be a delightful time to have when you have to deal with things alone. Not getting someone to refer to through crises will be an interface you don't want to have.

4- What if you guys decide to split?

            You may lose your friendship with them if you both decide to break up someday. Even if you both do a mutual breakup then too the friendship does get affected a lot and nothing seems the same.
            For sure, things will be awkward and not just the relationship but also your long term friendship may get end due to this. You can feel more pain as your attachment with them was beyond anything and now they are just your ex which no one really wishes to happen.

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  1. The cons are more concerning I guess and I think best friend should always be best friends...No relationship like Friendship :)

  2. Merger of two different relationship into one is a mess I believe. It changes the prospective to see each other. It's good to have a soulmate as friend but it not that simple to turn up a friend into soulmate.

    The perception for the one you found as soulmate is different from the one you found as friend.

    I must say that one should not get committed to a friend unless until both feel couple vibes for each other.


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