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Is "Friends with Benefit" a good idea for you?

            Before we get into the details of whether "Friends with Benefit" is a good idea for you or not, let's understand what is the term FWB really means?

Couple having cold drink and talking about the friends with benefits idea.

             A kind of relationship in which the two of you will be involved mostly physically and there's no emotional attachment between you both is what FWB is. This simply means you both will hang out together, spend quality time together, and may/may not have physical intimacy in this relationship. 
However, none of you will be committed to each other which means you can date other people as well.
             There will be a casual connection between you two. In order to know whether Friends with Benefits will work for you or not, you need to consider these points and then make a decision accordingly.

1- Both of you are not ready for commitment
                You should understand that from the "Friends with Benefits" relationship, you will never get any emotional support and care from your partner and can never experience the things that happen in a committed relationship. You have to accept this fact and you can't expect them to be around you always whenever you need and want them, for eg, you can't expect them to join you for a family function or any other off-limit activities.

2- You both are on the same page of FWB
                 This means that you can't rule over the other. You can't expect your relationship to go the way you want. As there are no commitments in Friends with Benefits relationship, you or your partner can date or flirt with other people too. You have no right to stop them from doing so and they are not answerable to you for anything and vice versa. 

3- Don't expect it to turn into a real relationship
                 If you think that in the future you can get in a real relationship with them then you are just fooling yourself. Understand the FWB concept clearly. If they were looking for a real relationship at first then they wouldn't have been in search of a Friends with Benefits relationship. They are not serious and only dating for fun and you too have to be clear with this.

4- Stick to your rules
                 Make rules, Make boundaries, and stick to them from the start only. This is good for you both to set the limitations so that none of you get serious with this relationship and then left heartbroken. Talk and clear everything at first and draw the lines when needed.

5- Be prepared for an end of this relationship
                 As this is a casual relationship, it will end very soon. Temporary things never stay for long. So, you need to be prepared for an end of it and think about what you will do after it. Change the partner or stay single or whatsoever.

6- Problem of Friends with Benefits
                   If you start with Friends with Benefits relationship thinking it can be fun, just don't only think about the present but also about the future. What today is making you feel good can actually make you feel regret and disappointed later, so be extra sure before stepping into FWB. Also, too many temporary relationships i.e; FWB can actually make you habitual to it and then stops you from further commitment for a real relationship in the future.

                 So, I hope this will help you in taking your big decision about whether you should opt for an FWB or not and I wish you luck in whatever you choose. Just stay happy and do right with yourself as well as with everyone else around.

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  1. Well wrote & described...👌👌

  2. Yes I agree with most of what you mentioned, but then this article is more focused on the Not to go with FWB, you should also focus more on the Pro sides of this relationship too :)

    1. Thanks for your valuable feedback. Will keep this in mind. However, with this article, I just wanted to make people understand that FWB is not that cool and one should be clear with the concept from the start so that they don't regret or hurt themselves later.


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