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9 Worst Moments a couple could experience

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           As mentioned earlier in the FIRST and SECOND part of the best moments for a couple, this essay would speak about the reverse way and reflect on the 9 worst moments, a couple could experience in a relationship.
            Moving to the topic, let's have a look at it.

1- The very first small fight

            Imagine that the next day, you and your partner were able to celebrate the moment, until then the dumb thing you all began talking over. Since it's going to be the first fight with them, so you may experience a feeling that isn't so pleasant if the war continues on for a longer period. You can't behave like before until things are underhand, you may feel it as one of the worst time of your life.
            Anxieties for both of you would increase because if the ego really gets in there, you guys will screw things more.

2- Getting to understand that your partner has lied you 

            Big, systematic lies are evidently harmful to a relationship. But the little lies aren't that nice, either. It may sound innocent to fib a harmless lie or two at times, but it's crucial not to make a habit of it.
            Lies are like a blaze. An innocent lie might grow up into several lies and turn into a network of falsehood if you are not careful. When your partner gets to know about your lies, things may turn on bad terms. Maybe you'll fight for days or at the worst, they may stop trusting you completely and start doubting. Doubting on your mate is not healthy for your relationship.

3- Shouting on your partner

            We often feel low at times and things get terrible, but it's better not to blame or shout at your partner for stupid little things. This will be the terrible thing you might do to your companion. Really, the grievances will knock them down.
            For no reason, they get hurt and criticized which is not what they deserve. You may apologies a little later but things won't be the same as before.

4- Breaking Trust

            If you get to ever know that your partner was being unfaithful with you and is emotionally or physically involved in other relationships too, I know you will be affected by this to the extreme.
            Being loyal to your mate and getting cheated is not that any of us deserve. So if ever this situation knocks at your door, it may be the worst moment ever.

5- Instead of fixing, if any of you start letting each other down

            Imagine if you have hurt your partner in ways by not fulfilling the commitments you promised to do, will it be the nicer thing you have done with them? What if they do the same with you?                       
             Moreover instead of owning your mistakes, if you start blaming them or making them feel low because of your actions, are you doing something great?

6- Money can create problems

            No, I am not saying money can screw things but on occasions, if you make money the priority and not your partner, then when they get to know this they may get bad vibes. No one would really like to feel low and things like this can hurt their ego.
            Unpleasant things are the worst part of a relationship. Try to avoid them to the maximum.

7- Trying to change them or compare them with others

            If you even accidentally compare your companion with others or if they do this, won't it be a thing to mind? We want to feel special and extra special but doing such an act can screw the beautiful moments.
            Making them feel compared can actually create doubts about whether you both are happy and in love with each other completely or not.
            Trying to change a few bad habits could be okay because we wish better things for the one we love but if it involves their discomfort in this process then you both may face some conflicts between you two.

8- What if your family gets to know about your relationship and is against it?

            Conservative families will never support your relationship status and will always create a problem in your life. If this is ever going to happen to you both, you may lose your own worth in front of your parents and if you don't do anything great for making them say yes for this relationship, you may also lose your partner.
            That the hardest time to get to with your mate.

9- Breakup

            Yes, the awful moment of a relationship is actually the end of it. You guys were happy together, things were going good, and then this breakup. The dreams that you both must have seen will be finished and it is very horrible to see the end.
            Breakup henceforth is the most unhappy moment a couple may endure.

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  2. I think major problem comes with point #5



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