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9 of the Best Moments of a relationship- Part 2

            Much like the first chapter, I'm going to reflect today on another 9 best moments, a pair experiences in a relationship. So let's quickly start with it but before that close your eyes for a minute and think of your best moment that you have experienced in your relationship and let me know in the comment box.

Man lifting woman and capturing best moments of their relationship.

1- Going for an adventurous Date.

            Clearly a regular date is great. However, avoiding the same old stuff, why not decide to go on an adventurous date? This could be anything like heading on a trek tour, visiting the terrifying amusement park or checking out some rides over there.

            This is going to be quite a different yet unique experience. The best part is because it's a little scary, you can actually help each other to complete the task that gives you the feeling of team work and also brings you closer by strengthening your bond.

             While choosing a place like this, make sure you both don't take any risks and are comfortable to visit, as nobody really wants to have a bad time there at all.

2- Late Night Bike rides.

            It's so fun to wander with your partner late at night. Okay, isn't it? Like going out for a night ride once in a while is lovely and having icecream at 2Am or just having midnight biryanis with your partner is another good thing. Talking, tingling and enjoying each other's company makes the time so perfect.

            Additionally, just when you return back in the morning, the morning drives and breakfast together are incredible activities to have. Watching sunsets and sunrises together and taking so many cool pictures of each other could be another fun time. I also agree that many of us have to be from a conservative family and can't get this experience as of now, but don't worry, you can even experience things like that later, when you get official or get married.

3-  Long drive

            Just like late night rides, long drives are also amazing. Long drive to the hill station, especially in the winters or monsoons, is a blessing to go with your partner. Weather makes it perfect for couples to visit such places for sightseeing.

            Having coffee or Bhuttas there is almost the favorite thing for everyone. 

4- Dancing in the Rain

            Yeah it's enjoyable to watch the rain with your mate. It's fun and romantic dancing or singing, because you are privileged to share it with your special individual.

            Candlelight dinner, doing rain photoshoot, sharing single umbrella, spending quality time could be the stuff you can try together this time. If you are foodie, try cooking recipies together like bhajis or any seasonal food and or do an eating competition with romantic music playing in the background.

Couple happily enjoying rain under single umbrella

5- The First time you get/ give a Big Birthday/ Anniversary Surprise

            Who wouldn't want surprises? We all do and that seems wonderful particularly at the time of some occassion. You are really on cloud nine while you receive unique presents and precious surpises. By being willing to appreciate these moments to cherishing them for years are just so remarkable.

            Even, when it's your time to prepare a beautiful surprise for some big occasions, those moments right from preparation to execution to living are always the greatest moments to witness for you and your partner.

6- Shopping together

            Whether you get the full things or not while shopping with your partner, still choosing to go on shopping with them again and again, is enjoyable to witness. Buying odd products, or finding the best ones, doesn't even matter. What's crucial is the unique moment you ’re feeling.

7- Feeding each other

            Feeding is characterized by a sense of security, an affirmation of love and care and caring is a foundation stone for also marital life. It is one of the best romantic moments for both of you. 

8- Using the word "We" insted of You and Me

            Instead of calling it you and me, when you both start using the word "WE", it creates a new atmosphere together. You both have understood, and now you're confident it's a team task, because both of you are involved in this relationship. It's a sign that you guys are sincere and that you foresee the future with each other.

            This also shows that no matter what you have made them a part of your life and things are now always about you both. Nothing can change the bond.

9- Planning together about a beautiful future.

            We all know that struggle is part of life, but we also want the best future together. Rather of asking each other to be prepared for the future, if you both intend to reflect on ways to alleviate potential challenges and try to make the best choice of your life, you 're on the correct path, and nothing better than this your companion will expect from you.

             Hearing your positive feedback can make them feel better instead of upsetting them to be ready to impress everyone else. It shows that you are truly there and they are the special ones that you don't want to lose because of stupid situations or anyone else. They will remember all these sweet gestures of yours forever and this will be the highest memorable moments of their life.

             So, that's all for this article. I hope you too have experienced some of the best moments in your relationship and I wish you all get to experience more and more such unique events to cherish.

Happy couple hugging each other and making special moments

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  1. So well said ... 👍🏻👍🏻

  2. I personally liked point 1-3 & 8
    Rest all goes pretty well with other relationships too :)

    Keep going !!


    1. Aww glad to hear that you can relate to a few points. 😁 Stay blessed with your loved ones. ❣️


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