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Why People leave you behind?

Why do people leave, especially after we get attached to them? Ever cross this situation in your life wherein you don’t know what was wrong, why do they leave you behind? Got someone better or was just doing time pass with you till date or is something else? Maybe family issues or maybe success calling? But weren't you important to them? Maybe no…!

I might sound a bit rude but this is the fact, people choose things and other people over you mostly every time because they think what’s good for them and what they want in their life rather than what they should offer you being in a relationship. Some are the ones who even ask you to wait for them after they leave you behind and promise you that they will come back and after this beautiful (being sarcastic) big gap, things will be better but wait, what? Promise? People who can’t stay on their commitment are talking about coming back and promises, like seriously? They leave which means they have chosen another way in which you aren’t included and things can’t get normal. once they are back. 

A beautiful Bollywood song from the movie 'Akele Hum Akele Tum' that can relate here,

"Dil Mera Churaya Kyun, Jab Yeh Dil Todhna He Tha,

Humse Dil Lagaya Kyun, Humse Muhn Modna He Tha."

Couple roaming together happily

Let’s consider this story here, If you are on a date with them at a biggest national park of whichever city you guys reside
at for like 2 days and this is the very first time you are visiting this place and things are going good, you guys are loving the place, enjoying the moment and promising to revisit but suddenly a phone rang, their phone rang and you are patiently waiting for them to complete their phone call and get back to you so that you can continue this beautiful date journey with them. So now after a few mins, they are done with it and with a big smile coming back to you. Seeing them happy makes you happy too but no, this happiness is going to get over now because there is a special announcement by them for you, “Hey, I got a call from XYZ and I am sorry but you wait here, it’s something very important and I’ll come back asap and will continue with this journey because I can see us happy and I know we are supposed to continue this date as per promised so stay and I’ll get back in few hours. Couldn’t take you with me for some genuine reasons.” You are now shocked and confused and don’t know what to say so you plead with them to stay but no, commitments towards you aren't that important maybe than the work they have chosen.

Now you must be thinking what kind of stupid example is this and what I am comparing here with what but tell me one thing when it is decided by you and your partner to meet on this day at suppose 11 Am and you reached on time exactly at 11 but your fellow is 2 hours late, tell me what would be your excitement or happiness level would be? Would you be patient enough to wait for 2 long hours? Even though you wait, won’t you be a little mad when they arrive? I am sure you will be. Similarly, you are on a date and now they leave you behind and you are shattered by their action and just in shock what to do next? Should you wait or Should Not? Suppose you choose to wait. Seeing everyone happily roaming (Especially couples) how sad you are going to feel? Every minute would be either full of thinking or just checking the phone. Now in between, you are calling them asking them to come back and just hearing one word from them-"Wait." This will make you more upset. I am sure many of you will say noways and leave thinking how stupid it is but if some of you decide to still wait and now hours have passed but still no arrival of your partner. I really want to know what you are thinking at this moment after imagining yourself in this situation.

Person feeling alone and sad

Calling me crazy? Thinking nobody is going to do this kind of stuff ever especially when the plan of the couple is to stay two days or maybe any mature person wouldn’t leave you behind like this. Guys, even I know this but this is just an example to make you understand that don’t leave someone after giving them yourself completely because that will break them. Here, I have given you an example of 2 hours and then a few hours, tell me on the roads of waiting, the one who left would be busy and is in a new environment, in a new place but you are there just waiting and waiting for their arrival. When the matter is about a few hours, it still becomes tough. Imagine if the duration of wait is a few days, a month, a few months or a year or two. No, I am not talking about the wait on the road or a park. I am talking about if somebody leaves you after spending a good amount of time and asks you to wait behind, will you genuinely think to wait? Maximum of you will say no. Even if you say yes, at some point of time you will change your mind and Why won’t you? It’s difficult and it’s perfect. Remember if it was a matter of long-distance and that too from the beginning, it would have been completely fine but after spending a lot of time with each other and then any of you leave, the wait is really tough and let me tell you even though if you love them, if they leave you all alone at once, they can do it in future too and also if they were at your place, I am sure they too wouldn’t have waited although they promise or do whatsoever.

So if you are currently dealing with this kind of situation or in case in future, do what your heart asks you to do, leave if you think the wait isn’t worthy and honestly, I never promote breakups but here my friend, you have to take stand for yourself if they cheat or leave in between. Even after leaving, if they don’t have time for you, it’s meaningless to wait for such a fellow. It’s gonna be hard but get up and get yourself someone who will choose you over everything else and won’t leave you ever behind to suffer or to wait.  That’s it. All the best.

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  1. Such a good advice Darling, I hope ppl will learn something from this and yaa you beautiful taught that self respect is more important ♥️

    1. Yes You got it right๐Ÿ‘ Thanx for your valuable comments ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Well wrote yaar...it's really good & very relatable in real too...!!����

    1. Thanks a lot Zishaan for your kindful words.:-)

  3. Umm what a story... Seriously bravo for that.. Actually people need to understand tht no one in our life is permanent... It's destiny which God decide for us... I knw it's hard to leave someone whom u love over ur life.... Bt people grow up... And choose tht life partner who can choose UH over everything.... Marvelous story❤❤

    1. Heya thanks for your valuable feedback. It means alot..!


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