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Why gap creates relationship problems?

No, I am not talking about communication gaps. We all have read numerous times about communication gaps and how it has created so many relationship problems. Also, this article is not at all about the Age gap. Sooner, I am going to write about that too but for today, We are only focusing on the gap which many people think occurs when priority changes in a relationship.

It is advisable by the relationship experts, that a couple should at least see each other once in a fortnight to maintain a good and healthy relationship with them.  When a relationship is in its honeymoon period (starting phase) lovers feel like meeting a little more but keeping it twice or thrice a month is the most balanced thing you could do as it’s a new start whereas as the relationship goes on to the 6th or 9th monthiversary, the total time a couple should spend must be 2 to 3 times a week and if you have celebrated a year anniversary, you guys are habitual of seeing each other almost every day or on alternate days (exceptional cases are always there.)

No relationship troubles when two individual  work on balancing their relationship.
Love is the solution to all problems.

So from meeting every day to the gap between both and how the perfect Jodi or match loses its bond is the topic of discussion here. First of all, nothing in this entire universe happens in the blink of an eye. Things take time, the bond between you two must have also taken a lot of time, similarly when this gap occurred, when you started facing relationship problems, it also took some time.  Every day your behaviour towards your partner must have changed, priorities must have changed and slowly the situation of your relationship too has been affected. Like giving yourself to your partner completely and then, suddenly changing your behaviour, not giving time and not meeting them for days or months is the sign of this gap that I am talking about in general.  And then what happens? We blame each other, start counting the mistakes of our partners but we don’t realize what wrong we are doing?

Now tell me, the best moments, the dreams that you guys have seen together, the time you have invested in each other wasn’t precious than the thing in which you might be currently occupied. Remember, all these temporary work might not be worthy as compared to your relationship. So when a person changes their priority which means when he/she starts investing their time in some other temporary stuff and lessens the beauty of their relationship, your partner would definitely feel really bad and as a result, arguments heat up. One should always remember what you sow now that only you are going to reap later. If you put effort into your relationship, definitely it will run smoothly, but problems arise when you prioritize something else above your relationship or we can say you create the distance on your own.

I Want my time Quoted picture

And how bad is it when you blame each other and want to get separate? Wait, what about your beautiful healthy relationship? Because of just one wrong mistake of just one person amongst you both, the relationship is screwed. Does that make sense to you guys? To me, it doesn’t and it shouldn’t. We all make mistakes and eventually give importance to other things but what matters at the end is when you do so, you need to take a deep breath and think about what you are losing, why everything is fading and how you have made your relationship hell. Once you realize these things, I am sure you will never repeat this in your life and also ASAP you will make it up to your partner and give another chance to your relationship. I know It’s gonna be very difficult at the start but the gap will definitely fill up and happiness will bloom up again. Hurray, your relationship problem solved.

But we know many of us are never ready to apologise or to make up things, we believe in blaming rather than solving. I understand the one who is hurt because of their partner’s mistakes has the right to be mad, to show tantrums etc but the guilty person shouldn’t give more reasons to spoil the beautiful relationship. If you have ruined it, you alone are responsible to try your level best to fix it and depending upon your mistakes, it will consume days or months but trust me, nothing can beat that happiness level which you will get when you finally overcome it. You can even quit as that’s the best option but the guilt of not trying your level best won't let you stay happy for a longer time. The decision is all yours so take the best one as at the end everything, every moral does matter.

I am sorry self designed image
Mean it when you are saying it.

Let me know in the comment section if you agree with this or not. If not then why not and remember never make temporary things affect your healthy relationship. If you haven’t made this kind of mistake, my friend you are on the right track and God bless you all..!

image source- Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash
                           Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash
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