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Why does love matter?

Most of the time we think why love matters? If all I am getting is pain all the time from this relationship, why should I continue? I have never listened to anyone before, never faced any troubles, not a single time said sorry to someone when I am not at fault then why am I doing all these now after being in this hectic relationship? Both of us aren’t happy. These are the questions we all ask ourselves and our friends when we are hurt and our mind doesn’t work.

Let me tell you if you think you are tired from a toxic relationship and think there is no spark left in your relationship and things are messy, then go on reading to know why love matters and its role in depth. So basically whenever a situation occurs as I mentioned above, people think, rethink and overthink of what to do now, whether to continue this relationship or not? Of Course, no one wants suffering. Most people don't want to end it because of two main reasons: 1- Morals and 2- Love. 

It’s not really good to end or leave people on a bad note or because of a bad situation and this is what our moral says. Another reason is the purest one i:e; our love towards them and the good memories that two individuals have shared. Like if love wouldn’t have been there between you both, this much suffering wouldn’t have taken place at all. Always remember, when there is love there is a pain too. Obviously, all individuals are different so there will be a different ideology, differences in culture, behaviour and in many other aspects. At the start, you guys wouldn’t have focused on it deeply but now arguments would be mostly on these things only and that’s why there is this loss of spark between you both. So what to do now?

Couple sitting together on a desk and thinking

The answer is very simple yet practising is difficult but the greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it. In the end, we all need peace and happiness and a good life with our partner. So here’s the solution. Think whether you really love them and want them like forever in your life and want to end this toxication from your relationship.  Make up your mind. Remember love matters always. This phase is going to be very hard because half of you will think “I don’t want to be with this person, s/he is very annoying and has told me many bad things in the past,” whereas afterwards you will start thinking all the good memories and this will go on like this always and also will confuse you more often. But trust me, you have to make a decision and strictly follow it.

Once you are steadfast about your relationship, now it’s the time to make real efforts to bring back the sparks- talk nicely, behave nicely, convince them not to give up, show positive side, visit those old places again, spend quality time, etc. It’s mostly like living the previous life back to refresh all those memories and giving another chance to your relationship. As I told you it’s not gonna be easy but indeed worth it. If I have to give you an example, I’ll tell you to look at all those married couples. They too have problems, difficulties, differences but they are not giving up. Giving up isn’t an option. Also, if breaking up on messy things is what you are choosing, just remember to whomever you will get married to, things will get messy with them as well in future, so will you break your commitments at that point of time also? All humans are made different, to whomever you’ll choose, there would be differences in many aspects so leaving or changing isn’t an option at all. Share this post with your partner to make them understand why there is a need to focus on being together, rather than giving up?

Couple on a date

But yes, after you choose to hold on and then try all your luck hard to not to give up as love matters a lot but then your partner still isn’t happy or doesn’t make any efforts at all or isn’t ready to continue with this relationship or if they leave you, remember it’s their loss because even at the bad times, you have given your 100 per cent. Problem was between you both, so you at least tried, you valued but your partner wasn’t capable of understanding why love matters, what true love is all about and why fixing things should be opted rather than leaving. So here now you should let them go freely because maybe it wasn’t meant to be. And for you, there is good news, a gentle reminder that not everyone's the same so relax, someday someone will match you and understand all these things; They will know how to still stick to this relationship after knowing differences and are ready to accept it and yeah, this time it will be happy ever after but with a few messy things.

Never to forget love is beautiful and always it does matter, people can be stone-hearted but that doesn’t mean all would be the same so don’t give up and be the best, choose the best. All the good wishes to you all…!

Picture credits: Photo by Charlie Foster on Unsplash

                        Photo by Tim Collins on Unsplash

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  1. Thanks ❤🌹😊 to teach us love definition 😘😘😘

    1. That means alot to me. Thanx alot. Do read all the upcoming posts. 🙌

  2. Amazing babe.. U have really made each n every aspect clear .. .this is exactly what a person IIn a rltn goes through . Reading this everyone can relate to d feelings u have tried to share in this article. . .keep going babe😘


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