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The impact of 3rd Person in Relationship: The Love Definition


It is very common to have a third person who always pokes their nose in your happy relationship. People nowadays don't understand the need for peace and start interfering in your matters. There’s always a third person ruining your relationship like they are born to do this. But who gives them an opportunity to do this? Couple itself. In this blog post, we'll explore the common challenges that can arise when a third person is introduced into a romantic partnership. Let’s have a look at John and Mary’s love story.

Relationship Ruined By Third Person Image

It was the rainy season and the month of July.

             It was the rainy season and the month of July. It was raining heavily but Mary and John wanted to meet and celebrate this day as it was their 1st anniversary. After lots of yes and no, they finally met for 2 hours in the nearby cafe.
             While they were happy and cherishing the moment, they saw Nick coming towards them. They have decided first only that they won’t call any of their friends today as they already have got very little time. But what could they do if Nick saw them and joined them? When he came to know that it was their anniversary, he asked them to give a party. Both of them didn't want to as they have just got 2 hours to celebrate their anniversary but they can’t do anything as Nick had no plans to go without getting a party.

            Mary occasionally, through SMSing him, asked John to do something as time was running very fast. They had no other option than wasting their anniversary time by giving the party and passing fake smiles. In between the not-so-cool party, Nick saw the perfume box that Mary bought for John and he just started laughing by asking her if she even knew that this perfume brand is the most hated brand by John. This made Mary feel very bad. A gift is made to appreciate which John did but Nick was busy making fun of it till they finished those 2 hours.

             As Nick was John’s friend, Mary was very upset with John and they left for their respective places. John apologized to Mary for whatever happened and they thought it was just one poor day. But they were unaware of the future circumstances.

Couple Picture

Next Incident in the Park

             2 weeks went and things were going good when Nick again saw this couple in the garden and this time to make the situation more awkward for them, he went to disturb them again. He stuck with them there like glue and started passing comments on their relationship. To this, Mary got really upset and blasted saying she didn't need his advice regarding relationships and she left. Nick got an opportunity to add fuel to the fire. He told John that he was just kidding and Mary shouldn’t have behaved like that.

“Don’t you know we friends are having these habits of teasing each other and what if our entire group will meet someday? They won’t let you guys get to spend a single minute peacefully. Will she get offended at that time too? How will it work? Everyone will say that you are dating a kid who can’t even take things lightly especially when it's said to pull the legs!”

John knew how his friends were and thought not to have a discussion about it and left home. At night, John thought to call Mary and talk but Mary didn't receive his call. After a few calls, she picked the call and started getting mad at John, she also informs him that he should tell Nick to be in his limits. Things got so high that they fought very badly and ended the call.

Things got good later and then again some incidents took place.

             With love always win funda and with some apologies, John and Mary again started focusing on them and ignored Nick but Nick wasn't ready to make them live peacefully so by some or the other way, he tried to disturb their life. Whenever John and Mary planned to meet, he used to either come in between or called John to someplace to hang out with other friends. Sometimes John used to refuse but then sometimes the date used to get canceled. Nick was being happy about how successful he is in ruining things between them. 

             At last, Mary got so frustrated that she told John that she would like to date a guy without such a friend and left in between their date. Nick got to know about this and thought something eviler. Two days later, he told John that he is having a house party tonight at his place and has called everyone from the group. He asked John to be there with his girlfriend. On a few requests from John, Mary agreed to visit the House Party. 

People enjoying the party

At Nick’s House Party

             Everyone was meeting each other, gossiping, and joking around. Mary and John too joined them. With snacks and drinks, their party started. Till now everything was going great and suddenly they decided to play truth and dare. They started with the game. Everything was also going good until it was Nick’s turn to choose either truth or dare. Nick chooses the truth option. Sherlyn, a friend of Nick asked him to name two people who he hates the most. Nick has always targeted Mary saying the only person he dislikes the most is Mary and only Mary because John has become very serious about his relationship and prioritizes it more than their friendship. That was it. Mary again got offended. Though she didn't react, she expected John to say something to Nick but John as always was quiet. Everyone was looking at John, Mary, and Nick one by one silently. The party then ended with the

"Char baj gae lekin party abhi baki hai,

Mere daddy hai naraz lekin Party abhi baki hai" song.

After the Party

             Guess what will happen if a guy's friends try to bully or become rude toward the girl? Mary had expectations that John will protect her from everyone but she realized she was wrong as he kept mum when his own friend was insulting her. If that was a matter of just one time, Mary could have forgiven him but it happened so many times that when the next day, Nick asked for an apology saying he was drunk last night and said all that in a fun way, she wasn't ready to accept his apology. After all, who will like to get insulted all the time and especially when she was invited to a party to chill, not for getting insulted. On the other hand, she asked John if he will do something to make Nick realize his mistake by doing something similar, but John refused. She even confirmed with him if he can end his friendship with Nick, John said, he can't. After hearing all these, she realized she doesn't deserve to be at a place where her bf can't take her stand and where her bf's friends behave badly with her. 


1- Mary shouldn't have expected anything from John. Instead, she should have been strict on her own towards Nick, maybe that way no one could have ever taken her name or insulted her. There could not have been a breakup.

2- John should have got some guts and mind to decide and support the right person and shouldn't have to keep mum. If he can't protect his GF from his known people, how can he be ever protective of Mary?  

3- It's in your own hand to make everyone respect your relationship and if you don't support or respect each other, nobody else going to do that too.

4- Nick did all these things just to have fun. Maybe because he was bored or interested in ruining others' relationships.

5-Finally, remember there are so many Nicks out there waiting to poke their nose in between always so that they can destroy your beautiful relationship.

P.S. The story is a part of fiction and isn't made to hurt anyone's sentiments.

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