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Thinking of Marrying an older man? Learn the Consequences first.

             Marriage is a blessing that unites you both for eternally. Marrying a man who is older than you can actually confuse you as there is a big age difference. There are certain things everyone put into consideration before planning to get married. Thinking of marrying an older man could be one of them. I am not saying it's a bad idea but why not learn the consequences first?
              If you are in love with a man who's elder than you, there are chances that you will face the generation gap between you both. Things that seem normal to you will be kiddish for them. They are mature than you in every aspect. Your thinkings won't match with theirs. They have already lived the part of life that you are living right now so what excites you won't excite them. There will always be clashes of ideologies, though there will be love.
              Girls, remember this your parents will never accept this relationship easily. Parents have many dreams for their children's wedding. It's going to be tougher for you to convince your family to make you get married to your man. Dating an older man will also create an emergency of you getting married at a very young age than you have ever thought. Early marriage may also result in you having kids at a very young age. 

Child's hand on their father's and mother's hands

              Meeting each other's relatives and friends will be another issue before and after the marriage as you'll see more mouths will have more talks. You will not get support from your own people. Even your co-workers and friends will tease or make fun of it. Another thing here is you will always see yourself ending up getting no fun and only responsibilities on your head. Being responsible or serious isn't always necessary as sometimes people want to do crazy things which here you can't do much. You might even feel after getting married that you could have experienced more level of craziness if you would have got married to the same age person.
               As the years pass and you guys start getting older- You a little order and your man even much older, people may get confuse more of whether your man is the dad of your kids or the grandfather of the kids. This can be very embarrassing for both of you. All the major decisions regarding the kids and the house will be taken most of the time by him, not only because he is a man but also because he is much elder than you. You might feel disturbed and low at times.
               One more consequence of marrying an elder man here probably would be that you have to spend a good part of your life as an older person alone. If his age is quite older than you, possibilities are there that he may live this world before you and you have to live and spend your old age time alone without any partner which is not easy and fair for you. These are some of the problems you may face if you choose a man who is older than you.

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               Don't lose your heart darling, love is love and age is actually just a number. I know I have already scared you by talking more about consequences but everything has some or the other pros in it. So, if we talk about the good part, with all the hustle you both will go through, you will be at least satisfied that you both are together and are married to each other. As he is mature than you, you will always get good advice and support from him. An older man is far more responsible than the one of your age. He will manage everything well and has a clear idea of what he wants and what he doesn't. 
               He will be having more life experiences and will be much more practical than you. Whenever you will fall, in no time he will support you and will not make any drama. He will prove to you that age is just a number and it will never affect your relationship and love will always win. Marrying such a person won't be a bad option if you are ready for challenges and accept the differences and also if you clear about everything at first. Good luck :-)

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