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Office Romance - Aye or Nay

Welcome to the office world. From friendship to politics, you will go through many phases here. One such phase will include office romance with your co-workers and sometimes either junior or senior. Love you can find anywhere so why not in the office? 

Let's briefly talk about its pros and cons.

Office conference room

1- You have someone always around.

   AYE - Office romance means when two employees start dating each other, they get time together for like 9 long hours. Cool isn’t it? You get to work with them, time for chit-chatting, having food always, and knowing each other just like how couples date each other in College. The beautiful part is your partner is always in front of you and you won’t feel alone or need more people.

Man teasing his girlfriend at office

   NAY - Your complete focus would be on your partner. You will be either engaged in your work and the rest/free time with your partner. No or less time for making new friends or hanging out with them.

2- You guys can help each other from office politics and in other matters.

AYE - It’s next to impossible to get yourself dragged into office politics as your partner is always there with you supporting and standing by your side. People mostly don’t involve couples or two people together in dramas. Also, if any of you is new, your partner can help you to learn the overall work and can make you aware of what to do and what not. 

Couple in office attire always together to support each other.

NAY - When everything seems going good between two individuals, there are always jealous people who are always waiting for a chance to create misunderstandings between the two. The same applies to office life too. There is a possibility that they can end up dragging both of you into this politics or just one of you to an extent that your job could also be at risk. 

3- Your partner is there with you right from the start till you get a promotion./ If one of you is senior and the other is junior.

AYE - It feels good when one gets promoted to a higher level and to see you succeed, your partner is there with you. Also, if any of you is junior to the other, it’s beneficial to know and learn more from your partner who is experienced. Office life isn't just about romance but more about learning and growing in your field.

Team discussion about office project.

NAY - Promotion isn’t just promotion. It involves new responsibility which means you have new challenges that you yourself have to solve without your partner. That means you guys are still in the same office but can’t be just the same as before. This may give rise to jealousy and fights. Also, if you are a senior, you have to act like it and all the juniors including your partner are on the same line for you. You can’t favor them nor you can behave like before. Sometimes, if they are not working properly, being their senior you have to be strict with them as job and responsibility come first. Professionalism is very important in the office. 

4- Both of you can’t take leave together.

AYE - Yes, if you are planning to go out together, that can be only possible when it's an office trip or on week offs. But apart from that, you can’t take leave together on a similar day as everyone will come to know that you guys are going somewhere together. The good part is you can still get ‘Me’ time and can go and explore yourself. Can visit a friend, go outing with college friends, can visit a salon, etc.

Girl in office reading her email which says she has got a promotion.

NAY - You can’t go out together. There is no bunking together the way it happens in college love life. Mostly, your senior will not allow you to, and secondly, if you are someone who hasn't yet declared your relationship official will face teasing and questions from coworkers. So, many plans will get canceled. This is a big issue if your anniversary or birthday or Valentine's day is near.

5-The future.

AYE - There is a possibility of you both getting married to each other and working at the same place from where your love story started. Lucky you guys. You both will go and come to the office together every day. Also, your office romance continues for years.

Office desktop having employee stuffs kept on it.

NAY - This is the hardest one on the list. What if you guys break up? Will you both be able to work together at the same office? How will you face each other and what about the staff gossiping about you? Also, if after some time, any of you gets another love interest or maybe a crush, situations would get very awkward.

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Photo by Free-Photo from Pixabay

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Photo by Free-Photo from Pixabay

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