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Leaving your happy relationship for Career opportunity

Relationships or career sometimes really confuses people. Few will opt for relationships, many will choose a career option and some will ask for both the things but in the end, situations make people leave relationships for their career paths. It’s hard to deal with situations. Like what happened with Chanchal and Divesh’s relationship might give you a better understanding and clear your doubts about whether you should leave the relationship for your career or not.

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What to choose? 
Chanchal and Divesh are high school friends. They both had strong bonding since they met. Only two years back, they realized that they could be more than friends. So they started dating each other. Chanchal has been applying for modelling for so many years and has done few shows as well. She is crazy to give poses, do ramp walks, and so on. On the other hand, Divesh is more into doing business management. They are happy because they both support each other and keep their professional life and personal life separate. Both are very happy and everything is going super cool. They are not just a couple but also habitual to each other. Every good or not so good news they share with each other first.
It was a busy day and Chanchal read about a modelling offer to which she applied immediately and was waiting for her to get selected in it.  Within a week, her selection part was done and she rushed to meet Divesh to tell him this news. They got happy and started reading all terms and conditions. A condition made them upset which says, 
“She should be ready to come to Dubai for 6 months as a part of the modelling contract as the show is based in Dubai.” A long-distance relationship is not a good idea but Chanchal wanted to take this opportunity so she thought to sacrifice and ask Divesh to cooperate as this is about her future. Divesh was not ready for it and started convincing her to stop and apply for some other opportunities in India only.  

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Being in a mature relationship, one should support their partner to fulfil their dreams and choose their career paths but if the support involves staying far from each other, anyone who is habitual to each other would not be happily ready but for Chanchal, Divesh compromised and Chanchal promised her that she would be there always. On this note, she flew to Dubai and started getting occupied for the shows and adjusting herself in Dubai. They although used to talk to each other but eventually Chanchal’s Schedule got very tight that even when Divesh got his first project and wanted to share the good news with Chanchal, he couldn’t reach her. Time went and the relationship lost its spark in such a way that when Divesh needed Chanchal at his bad times but couldn’t reach at all to her for like 2-3 days at times. That made him sad a lot.
He really tried hard to make her understand what they are losing but Chanchal actually ignored him sometimes unintentionally but a few times intentionally because she was busy making her life. She was so busy that this time it’s been more than a month but none of them contacted each other. On the other hand, Divesh couldn’t find what to do and the love between the two started vanishing. A day came when he met another girl who was appointed to work with him on the same project and yes, you are predicting the right story. They spent a lot of time together where they shared every beautiful moment together, worked on the project together, started developing feelings towards each other and they kinda started dating each other.
It’s almost 6 months from now that Chanchal left India and now it’s her time for the final show and she did well in that too. It was her time to leave Dubai, she thought she gained the biggest thing in life and with that happiness, she arrived in India. She wanted to meet Divesh and give him a huge surprise. She also decided that now that she is completely free, she can make it up to him as she knows she was so unavailable for him so, with a few good gifts that she brought from Dubai for him, she goes to meet him at his office cafe as she knows he would be there only at that particular time. After an hour, she reached there and yes she saw Divesh there but with him, she could find another girl closer to him, happier together and she understood that she has got replaced a little very soon but just because of her own mistakes. She realized what she lost while on her career path.

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1- I am not telling you to choose a relationship and not a career. Both can go handy. Everything would have been better if only Chanchal would have chosen her career program in India so that she could have spent good time with her boyfriend.
2- Even though she left for Dubai if she could have been on her promise of always being there and not ignoring Divesh completely could have saved the relationship.
3- Thinking that later we can make it up, we have time, so currently let’s skip, or let’s leave this relationship for a career isn’t ever a good idea. Relationships aren't optional. You can’t love someone based on your mood and time, my dear.
4- You won’t get someone back once you lose them. You can get someone else but not the same person ever. You can’t even get to apologize or even if you do it, maybe you are very late.
5- When a person is in need and can’t get their favourite person on their side, there itself everything goes in its finishing state like when Divesh needed Chanchal and she was unavailable to be his moral support, he got hurt and once couple stop sharing things, the end of that relationship is very near.
6- The importance that you give in your relationship is exactly what you will get in return.
7- "Har kisi ko nahi milta yaha pyaar zindagi mei,
Khush naseeb hai wo, jinko hai mili ye bahaar zindagi mei.."
8- Last but not the least, Action speaks louder than words.

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Photo by Maddi Bazzocco on Unsplash
Photo self-designed on canva

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  1. Good one....but girl wiil say the boy cheated on him.

    1. Haha maybe or maybe not cause she realized it's her mistake 😑

  2. Good one....but girl wiil say the boy cheated on him.

  3. Good story...But I must say this is not a true love story..I understand that she did many mistakes & ignored him a lot too but atleast she was loyal & honest that's why she came back to her guy instead of going with other guy..but bcoz of ignorance & long distance relationship issues he couldn't live up to his love & lost his true love..

    1. I totally understand but you can't love someone based on your mood and time. Also, if one ignores their partner completely for the first time, it is possible they can do it many more times in future and in today's generation who waits for the other? Only 15% of people might can..!


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