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Is it normal when your love fights with you?

When your love fights with you for things that are silly or maybe not that important, we think what is happening man? Who fights on silly things? I’ll tell you the answer is we all. Yes, to learn about why I am saying this, check the next paragraph.
Do you remember a fight you did with your friend last time because you teased them in front of their crush? Wasn’t that stupid enough? Obviously, you did it in a fun way, a little silly thing that we all do maybe for fun, maybe being sarcastic and hey we don’t usually fight because of that small thing with friends or even if we do, it’s really normal so when you both are arguing over a really small thing, remember that it is perfectly fine. What seems less important to you, maybe your partner will take it in a different way and that’s where the argument heats up.

Couple small fight

Usually, when your love fights with you over a small thing, they think it’s quite normal as they wouldn’t have liked something that you did in a fun way to tease them or you have ignored something that actually matters to them, so here you should try not to repeat the same thing if you really don’t want an argument in future. But there is no harm in fights actually, it’’s said, “Fighting is equally important in a relationship.“ It instead shows that a couple cares for their relationship and that’s why they are talking, fighting but not leaving. There is no need to feel bad if they shout at you or if sometimes they overreact, especially when you have made a mistake which you shouldn’t have in the first place. A sorry can work fine but don’t drag your ego in between. I have seen people leaving just because they don’t want to apologize but real ones always try to fix things.
I agree fights are not a good part of your happy love life. Sometimes you feel really hurt as things are going good and suddenly a fight can make you both stop talking to each other or maybe you guys block each other digitally but love doesn’t stop here guys. By some or the other way, love makes it work so taking it very personally or getting stressed or mad over things isn’t needed, although we do that. The overall thing that one should keep in mind is to understand when two different personalities come together, they love, they fight, they sometimes make it a big scene too but things are very normal. Just keep calm and don’t ruin your relationship. Keep it cute and sometimes mute and make it work smoothly with a little bit of fun but make sure you don’t actually hurt each other very often as everything has its own limits so if constant fights are happening, it’s time to gear up and work on things. I am never telling you to do a breakup until it’s very extreme and necessary.
Fight and fight often but on cute things and not to make scenes and remember it is very normal, nothing to stress about and the good news is cute small funny fights will make your bond and this relationship stronger so if you are someone who’s concern about what will happen if we will fight, don’t worry nothing will go wrong even if your love fights with you. Just make sure not to overdo it and stay very blessed with each other always.

Picture Credit- Photo by Vera Arsic froPexels

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