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College Love- Pros & Cons

Going to college is really a fun thing, thanks to no strict rules and no school uniforms. You can wear new clothes every day and shine always. The college has its own charm where you can not only learn things but make new friends, go out for parties as you are now in that age, and also preparation for the fest is something interesting. But what seems more attractive is finding a boyfriend/girlfriend in college and start your college love.

Yes, college is famous for finding someone special. Nicely dressed, being cool, and stylish so that you can be called a cool dude or hot chick in the college is what students actually do. That feeling of liking someone in college and dating them, being together always, roaming on the campus, bunking together the classes, and doing projects or working together for the fest isn’t what every one of us has thought for like at least once till date? College love is full of romance, building strong relationships with them, and yes, full of memories with also few troubles. Let's get in detail about its own pros and cons.

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Pro- You are getting a chance to do college love/ called as cute/hot couples

Yes, the biggest aye of college love is you are lucky enough to get a partner in the same college. With whom you can, talk, roam, share food, good memories, and so on. Remember not everyone gets love at this stage. Also, won’t you like everyone saying, “Hey see, they look so cute together” or “They are the hottest couple of the college” kind of things.


Con- Everyone knows about you guys being in a relationship

When you start dating someone, the entire college knows about you both including professors, peon, and all the students. So in case if you guys fight or breakup someday, people have the curiosity to know about the entire matter. Also, if any new hot student takes admission in the college, you can’t try on them as all your single friends would do.

Girl being sad in college canteen


Pro- All time support

Be it project time or any random fights in university, they are always there with you. They are the best study partner. If you are stuck with any subject or it’s exam time, they will not just think about themselves but also help you with your studies and make you score good marks. Such a blessing.!

Couple sitting in college campus together


Con- A little sort of Distraction

Though you have decided that you will focus on studies but waiting for their text and calls by checking phone continuously can definitely be a big distraction for you and if they too start replying or talking back, my goodness you have to stay awake whole night to complete the portion or any project after you guys hang up the call.


Pro-  All-time togetherness

Be in a lecture or canteen or at project time, as well as while coming and going together back home, you guys are always going to spend your time together. No distance means no time problem and the lack of fights. Just love love and love.:-)

Couple doing college project together


Con- Huge time Commitment

Although this is a pro but everyone needs their space which you can’t get being together all the time. Space gives other opportunities to explore things that you like to do be it playing sports, hanging out with the same gender friends, etc. But when you guys are having college love, you have huge commitments towards your partner than any other thing.


Pro- You will not miss any day going college

Who will say no to college when you have got habitual to see your bae every day. This will make you attend all the lectures, also you'll be good at extracurricular activities and you both will grow together in the same field. Awesome.

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Con - You will be having the same friends group

You’ll be thinking this is too good but remember when you guys eventually get into a fight, you don’t know who will be the right person you can share the details with. There is a possibility that your own friends will spread negativity and be a reason for your breakup. They can make you realize that you deserve someone better at times and with relationships, there can be fights in the entire friends' group too. Situations can get worst at times.


Pro- Successfully completed college love life

So till the time you both graduate and if you guys are still the same, Congrats you completed your college romantic life together. Highly impressive. You have seen each other every day, been together, and supported your partner in all major ups and downs. There are high chances of you both getting married in the future.

Students on their convocation ceremony


Con - After College situation

If any of you fail or might be junior to your partner, remember your partner has completed their studies and are now not a part of the college anymore. The distance can ruin anything like never before. There is another possibility that they can go out of the city to get higher education and here also distance can create problems for the future of your relationship.

None of the above explanations was to scare or to hurt anyone’s emotional state. But many of us must have been in college love and might be successful or failed at the end. Also, many of you would be in this stage or about to be in this stage, just remember to maintain balance in everything and give your best. Don’t let negativity shatter you and your relationship. Try to work on your relationship if you lack it sometimes. Wish you all the luck for your college love as well as for your studies.:-)

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Photo by Amit Lahav on Unsplash

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