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9 of the best moments a couple experiences in a relationship.

9 of the best moments a couple experiences in a relationship image

1- The First "I Love You"

            When you like someone, you hesitate to express them your feelings or to tell them "I love you" for the first time as you don't know how would they react? Whether they will accept it? Are you going to get a response back of "I love you too?" What if they will laugh at you? So many questions run down your mind and that moment when you finally say "I love you" is the best moment for you both to remember your entire life.

2- The First Date
             It's but obvious that you guys will plan for a day outing or for a date to spend some quality time and to know each other. On a date, you notice their best behaviour towards yourself. The memories that you guys make is a lifetime memory to cherish. That moment is so precious with all the nervousness and excitement all together. The first date indeed is a beautiful experience and not to forget, you have your friends waiting there to hear from you so many cool things about the entire day.

3- The First OOPS Moment
              The moment when in a discussion, you by mistake tell your partner things that you shouldn't have. For example, sentences like "When we will get married," or "We will be like those old couples who are always there for each other" and suddenly you realize that "oops it's just the beginning of a relationship and here I am talking about getting married and older together which shouldn't be discussed presently. But it actually shows that you are serious towards your partner. 

4- The First Dance

             Dancing with your partner is another amazing feeling. Yes, the first dance won't be perfect but the moment you will live doing all the wrong steps and still not giving up but learning it, again and again, is amazing. You will teach those steps and shout on each other if steps go wrong. It will be a little awkward also to perform at first but this is going to be the beginning of many more such couple dances.

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5- The First Kiss

               Whether to do it or whether not will confuse you till the time you won't do it. The thought of the first kiss itself will give you butterflies in your stomach. This moment is going to be the most precious one which you will understand only after living in it.

6- Late Night Chats / Calls

                When everyone around you has fallen asleep and the night is silent, less or no voice around you there is the best time to have a deep conversation with your partner.  Though far from the distance but you are close to them via calls or texts. Talking to them when there is no one who's going to disturb you both will always remain the best moment of being in a relationship.

7- Your First Anniversary

               So now your relationship is a year old. You no longer have to say your buddies that you guys just came into a relationship and are figuring out things. 1 year is a lot more of time and includes so many memories and by this time it means you guys are serious about your relationship. The first-anniversary gift and surprises are unforgettable throughout your lifestyle.

8- Meeting Each Other's Parents

                 Telling your parents how you feel about your partner and involving them to help you both get married is the toughest as well as a very serious part. Meeting each other's parents for the first time is not any different. It makes you nervous, happy, and also fears you. But once you get a green signal from both sides, you win the victory. 

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9- Proposing Them for marriage

                  Proposing them for marriage is actually needed. Though you both decide to get married to each other, an official proposal that involves surprises for your bae and captures the entire moment should be a must so that you can watch it later every time when you want to refresh your sweet memories. Well, the best part is they will accept your proposal quickly and you can see a ton of happiness in your better halves' face at this moment. 

               These relationship moments are worth cherishing throughout your lifetime. You'll be having the best stories to describe to all the youngers about all the memories that you both are a part of. 

Image source- All the 3 images are from an Instagram account @_lovepyaar143

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