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Valentine's week

            So this is probably the most exciting week I always wait to celebrate and I am pretty sure that everyone around the world also waits for this week because yes it's a Valentines week.
            All the couples globally are planning for beautiful dates, most awesome gifts, cool outings and lots of love to give and take this week. Yes, though love can be celebrated any day of any week but this week is specially made to express all your love on all these days, be it giving rose on a rose day or eating chocolates on the chocolate day which we probably doing today. Love is all in the air.

            Such a beautiful feeling, love is all about. But then this is a lovely thing for only couples as sadly, singles are always singles. They can't hold hands or go for a romantic date to celebrate this week. Though the only exception can be if they propose someone on Propose day and can get a positive answer then it's a win-win situation for them. And what about the rest of the singles is still a question. Many say that what is a rose day or a chocolate day or promise day, every day is same for them as they have no one to celebrate these with, whereas few decide to celebrate it with family or friends while rest just focuses on their work as work is worship for them so they just love it. But these are (some or the other way) excuses as ultimately even singles want to go on a date with someone special but don't have anyone in their life. 
            One thing to lighten the situation, we can add or include with this can be going on a date on Valentine's day with yourself. Yes, singles can also celebrate the most beautiful day by dating themselves on 14th Feb. No, I am not saying to start singing,
"Ab Dil Karta Hai Haule Haule Se, Main Toh Khud Ko Gale Lagaun
Kisi Aur Ki Mujhko Zaroorat Kya, Main Toh Khud Se Pyaar Jataun"
But I am asking to take yourself on a date.   

            What beautiful can you do for yourself at your best can be done now. Gift yourself the most beautiful watch you always had an eye on or take yourself for shopping. Girls can go for a salon session as many offers are going on or get the most glamorous lipstick set of 2019 to be the rocking babe. You can travel, spend your time where you get the best vibes and peace or do whatever that makes you feel happy. One can call it as one of those excuses mentioned above as you are not having a partner but loving yourself is more wonderful then planning a date for your better half because at the end, one should always be the first priority for themselves and you should always love yourself the most.
            The moral of the story is just that don't feel low, love yourself and make yourself happy even if you're single, just don't make these lovely days go wasted. It doesn't matter if you celebrate it alone or with your partner, just don't stop loving. And chillax singles, if not this valentines day, but maybe next or next to next valentines day, you will definitely going to celebrate each and every day of this week with your better half, don't lose hopes because "Apna time aaega"

Happy Valentines week to everyone....!! Love unconditionally...!

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  1. Aisha loving it such a beautiful blog

  2. Oh this is amazing 😍❣️ great thought, the ideas in your head r worth sharing .keep it up

    1. Hey thanx ya for all your complinents❤️❤️❤️❤️ Do share😊

  3. Nice blog and happy valentine week too


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