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Let's Wait.😍

            Kashish- "But I have a bf...."
            Raghav- "Never Mind, I can wait..!"
            Kashish is a kind of girl, Raghav always wanted but She was already in a relationship with Dhruv. They were happy in their relationship and there wasn't a reason to break up. She knew Raghav's feelings and efforts for her but couldn't help him with this at all.
            Raghav decided to wait as he believes love happens only once. On the other side, Kashish was happy with Dhruv till the day, Dhruv revealed her, his next step.
            Dhruv: My parents and I are moving to London next week...!
            Kashish: Wait, what?
            Dhruv: Yes we decided it a long back and finally heading there...
            Kashish: Long back and you are telling me this now?
            Dhruv: Yes you are the last one to know this because so many things were running out and didn't want to hurt you. But don't worry, once I'll go there and things get settled, I 'll call you there to be a part of us.
            Kashish: Part of you all... You being here, telling me this important thing so late and you believe you will call me there? Anyway, whatever it may be but are you comfortable with long distance relationship?
            Dhruv: No, we are taking a break. Break till I don't call you there.
            Kashish: We? You decided this and you
counting it as we?
            Dhruv: Listen, girl, it's for my career and my family's future.
            Kashish left from there and Dhruv flew away in a week.. She was upset and hurt but didn't show it to anyone.. Meanwhile, she met Raghav again who knew that she has broken up recently, he went to her and was about to ask her, her well being, but she thought that he would propose her again so she said, "I am not interested in any relationship as of now."
Raghav nodded head and replied,
"Never mind, I can wait." They stayed as friends.

            Eventually, they started meeting, knowing each other more and Kashish slowly falls for him. Days, weeks, months passed and a day came when she finally said Raghav that,
"I Wish I could have known you before, you are such an amazing personality. It would have been better being with you"
But Raghav answered, "Oh, I know but currently I have a gf."
He lied because he knew Kashish isn't ready to be in a relationship, so he wanted to give her, her time.
Kashish replied, "Never mind, I can wait..."  They both smirked and left from them.
            Meanwhile, where Raghav was happy to hear her feelings for him, Kashish was thinking whether he will ever accept the proposal or not. She texted him asking the same and asking him about his gf, where he told her to meet him again the next day.
            They met the other day and he revealed her that he lied her as he wanted her to take her time, be assured and then be in a relationship with him, hearing to this she got angry and was about to leave but he held her hand and apologise her for the same. Later he asked her out for a movie for which she made a weird look and said, "No, I have a tight schedule for the rest of the day."
Raghav:- Never mind, I will wait till the end of the day, we can move ahead in the late evening for the same. And I'll come to your place to pick you up by singing a song like a Bollywood star.
"Aaja Shaam hone aai, Mausam ne li angdai,
Toh kis baat ki hai ladaiiii..."
(He started singing.)
"Let's see" was her answer. Giggling, she left for her work.
            A few months later, they decided to get married but the date got fix for the next year; for which both happily responded together, "Never mind, We can and we will wait."

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  1. True love always win, grt work babu❤️

    1. Thnx Sanu😘 Yes it doesπŸ’•πŸ’•πŸŽŠπŸŽŠ

  2. So Nice story❤️....for a moment I assumed myself as an Raghav πŸ˜…

  3. Intresting story....��
    True love is always beside us... but we are searching everywhere....❤❤

  4. It was really good dear..
    Nice story & yes true love always wins..

  5. It was really good dear..
    Nice story & yes true love always wins..


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