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Dua [Prayers]

            Love is in everything that u do in your life. Be it talking to your favourite person or doing something that gives you happiness or learning something that gives you knowledge and experiences; there's a feeling of love present everywhere.
            But for the inner happiness and to communicate to the master of all- Lord, The Almighty, one has to offer prayers, take His name and remember Him in all the phases of life, every day and every time. Everyone who believes in Lord knows that when all doors are closed, only He can show you the best way to come out of any problem. We always remember Him and asks His help to overcome difficulties in life. Similarly, when it's time to thank him, none of us steps back as we know He is the only Creator and the Sustainer. And moreover, no one can loves you more than the creator himself, God. 

            Truly, one can feel the inner peace by chanting His name regularly and through the prayers. Prayer is the best way to feel spirituality and to get relief from all the worldly things. Talking to Him through prayers gives you peace and serenity. There are many other ways too to connect to him like through prayer songs. I, myself get peace by listening to the most beautiful song of Salim-Suleman Merchant which is melodious and connects us to the Lord, named as 'Ali Maula' and the lyrics go like,
    "Himmatein ata karo, o madadgaar maula
      Ali maula, ali maula, ali maula
       O maula, ali maula, ali maula, ali maula
      Aap hi ho kuwate parwardigaar maula
      Ali maula, ali maula, ali maula
      O maula, ali maula, ali maula, ali maula
      Shaah-e-marda sher-e-ajada
      Jaan fida tum pe maula
      Ali maula, ali maula, ali maula
      O maula ali maula, ali maula, ali maula..."

            As I always talk about love in this blog, so let's discuss this element's role in praying to the Almighty. We all know that we are though selfish but are taught to pray for our loved ones too and remember them in our prayers. We, from our childhood, pray for our family, relatives, friends, people who are in difficulties, etc. But when we get that special one whom we think is going to be our partner for the rest of our life, one starts praying for them too. It's a lovely feeling to know that somebody is asking for you to Lord in their prayers, you feel that you are the most important person in someone's life, you feel special that everyday somebody is praying for you, for the relationship that you are a part of. 

            But what if one day that somebody stops praying the same thing that s/he used to do every day? A day when that person realized that whatever they are praying, you are not deserving for it. Surely, you must have hurt them or has lessened the value of your relationship and that's the reason somebody who happily used to ask for you is silent in his prayers now. I guess the worst part is for both the ones. It's the saddest situation to not remember someone in your prayers whom you used to ask for every day and when the other one comes to know this, they definitely get to know what they have lost.
             As I have already said in my first article, "Love is beautiful unplanned magic which everyone wants in their life. Just like 'Me', 'You' and everyone else around. So if it ever crosses your way, just hold it till the end..!" But if someone loves you truly and prayers for you daily and still you are unsure about them, you are definitely not the deserving one of their prayers. Be serious as not everyone is praying for you and when someone does that, make sure you respect their feelings, pray for the same and not play with them.
            And for the ones who hasn't get their soulmate yet, I wish and pray for all of you that you get the right one of your kind soon. 

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