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Double Dating You.

            Now let's talk something related to the worst part of being in a relationship. Often we get attached to someone when we hold their hands and think that it might last forever.
            But does forever, really exists? What if one day, all of a sudden you get to know that your partner is double dating you? Double dating seems cool for some people but for others, it's really hurting. It's not even completely wrong if you aren't serious enough with your partner. For example, if I am in deeply madly love with this guy and if he's cheating on me, I f*cking will get screwed up because emotions do matters but then, if I am just dating a guy and aren't that serious with him, I really won't mind much.

            Ethically if we see, be a person commits for a shorter or a longer period of time with someone, they should never double date and make it fair. Cheating and playing on with someone's emotion might won't bother one but can destroy your partner's feelings and emotions. As they say, time heels everything so they will be fine soon after all this but you will lose them forever and moreover they won't fall for any other beautiful person out there, their trust will never build again.
            What we learn here is doing such things (cheating) makes one think cool but is actually foolishness.. You think you can handle two people at a time, without making them know about each other is really the biggest mistake.. A lie won't last more.. One day or the other, they might come to know about it and even your life can be screwed up. So if not love, but giving your 100℅ and being honest to the one you are committed with must be there if you really waana start with any relationship. This doesn't mean you should stick with one only and can't have fun out. But one should understand that there's a thin line between flirting and cheating that they should never cross. You can relate those awesome Bollywood song's lyrics here- "Tum mere ho, mere rehna, Tum sath mera har dam dena."
            Make someone remembers your kind of love forever even though you guys aren't together and don't mess things by setting a wrong example of yourself in front of them. Afterall, cheating is easy but sticking to one only is a must try. (Although there is always an exception to every situation, if both of them are okay with double dating others when they are already together in a relationship, the scenario will be something else.)

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