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Happy Mothers Day - Mom's true love

            So right from the time, I started this blog, I thought to write about mother's love for her children and needed a special day to do so.. And here comes the Mothers Day.
            Every one of us knows what mother do and suffer right from our birth. So definitely she is a superwoman to handle the home, the children and things related to them. But many times, we lack behind our love for her. She should be respected every single second but we behave like morons and take her for granted. Though we are going to wish her and gift her on this day, but making a promise to never let her down could be one of the best things we can do for her.
             We all here must be having a special or emotional story with our respected mothers. So is with me. Every day with her is heaven. And everything that she did for me is the pure love of her for me but I remember an incident wherein I was hospitalised for 20 days and I am sharing this here because the pain that was in her eyes was much more then what I was suffering at that point of time; The care, the concern, the love and the prayers she did and made for my recovery and good health is unforgettable. She is great, she is life and yes she is love too.. We all carry so many memories of our moms and this is the time to do something special today and every day to thank her for the same.
"Bigadi Kismat Bhi Sanwar Jaayegi
Jindagi Taraane Khushi Ke Gaayegi
Tere Hote Kiska Dar, Tu Duwao Ka Hai Ghar
Meri Maa, Meri Maa, Pyari Maa, Mammaa
Ho O Maa, Meri Maa, Pyari Maa, Mammaa"

            Though we know and understand respecting our own and all the mothers is what we are expected to do because all moms are great, super talented and loveable but still whenever we are angry or wants to insult someone, we end up giving bad words to their mothers. I mean come on if you want to insult someone, there are better ways to do so but giving bad words to any mother isn't right. So on this Mothers Day, let's actually promise our own self and try never to disrespect any mother (although we should respect every human being) and make every mother feel special. I know it's actually not possible to do so but we can start this by searching at least one old lady staying alone in your area and then by gifting her, spending some quality time with her and trying to bring a smile on her face. As simple as that. Let's really make this day, Happy Mothers Day for all the lovely moms..! (Don't ever forget to shower your love on your mom today and every day)

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