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The last day of their college

             It was the last examination and both were having their seat number on the last bench but at different rows. All were busy writing their papers.
            Suddenly, she saw him and thought how cute he is and how mad she was when she first saw him in SY. The guy was also looking at her. They again started writing their paper. They both knew it is the last day of college and yet have never talked to each other and might won't even get another chance to.

             While writing the answer, she thought if he ever had a feeling for her or what if he might have but never thought to confess it, she got lost in thoughts that she forgot the short time left for completing 3 more answers.. Their eyes met many times in that 2.5 hours but they never spoke. Only half an hour was left but her thoughts for him were not stopping. She remembers how she got blanked in their SY project after seeing him while presenting it as she had a major crush on him. She thought he might try talking to her on this last day and a song in her head popped - "keh do ke tum mere dil mei rhogi, keh do ke tum mujhse dosti krogi." She wished how great it would be if he sings this song for her. Suddenly the bell rang and sir told everyone that only 10 mins are left.
             Both started focusing on completing their respective paper and after submitting their paper, their eyes again met but maybe they both were stubborn, didn't had a single word and left the classroom. The last chance was also missed. If they could have taken the initiative, the scenario would have been different. If not any relationship, then they could have been at least good friends but the girl thought he might not be interested in her and the boy's story is still not revealed by him. A story that didn't get any track, left incomplete.

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