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Money is love😍

            We often think what's more important in life, love or money? But little do we know that money is also love. We have heard quotes like money can't buy love and happiness etc. But money really does matter a lot.
            A romantic date or even anything that one needs in their life for a basic living comes from money only. Money can't buy love but money can buy gifts for the loved ones. Yes, few things can't be in our hands, nor do money can work there but that doesn't lessen its importance. The barter system was a good method used previously to fulfill the basic needs so people used to have good relation and bond with each other. But now Money is given higher priority and that's never a bad entity.
            As money is needed for almost everything and we can't overcome it as our desires and needs are never-ending and only money can buy us the luxurious life that we want, it's hell important and mostly should be the first priority to be given. You people can call me Money minded but think by yourself, if you can even live a single day without it or not. I hope you'll get the same answer which I want to hear. Anyway, if compared to love for the people or what should be given first concern, the debate on it will be endless. Yes for many people, it must be, "Na Biwi Na Bachha Na Baap Bada Na Maiyan, The Whole Thing Is That Ke Bhaiya Sabse Bada Rupaiya" because money is needed for almost everything but the feeling of love that one has for others is equally precious.

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             Well, if the blog is all about love, we can never forget money as an important element that we all love a lot. Also, we often have seen or heard people going crazy for money, killing or hurting people and all the crimes that are done because of money. These things are actually not considered as love for money. Love is something that connects people, brings happiness and gives inner peace and if Money is a part to be loved then it should be made in a right way and not by wrong means. People who don't value money and just blow them are also not doing a good job though. These are the few negative points for money lovers.
            Whatever it may be, if a person is truly deeply in love with money, s/he will always choose the right way to gain, use and save them. After all, we need it forever, till our last breath and even after that..!

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  1. Absolutely right dear..Well I must say that u did a wonderful job swthrt...👌😉😇

  2. Absolutely right dear..Well I must say that u did a wonderful job swthrt...👌😉😇


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