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An ongoing long distance relationship

            It all started with a comment on a post on fb by Hazel (who stays at Lucknow) on 18th October 2014. Mister Khan got impressed by her comment and checked her timeline, later sent a friend request and their friendship started.
            She told him everything truly whatever he asked her and that impressed him. But at that time Hazel was in a relationship where she was giving her 100% but the guy was not much into her. This used to irritate Mr Khan a lot and he used to make Hazel understand of getting out of this so-called relationship and a day came when she broke up with her ex. From Facebook to WhatsApp chatting, their friendship grew more. They used to chat day and night and soon they realized that they are in love. He proposed her without even seeing her pic and she accepted it.
         After being into almost one year in the relationship, she sent her, her first pic and that too the face was cropped in it and they even talked on a call for the first time. Mr Khan loves editing pics so he made a 'Silu Milu editing' group on fb which stands Milu for 'Mr Khan I love You' and Silu for 'Shona I love you' (Mr Khan calls Hazel, Shona) The group is basically for editing part and from here, this couple got hell famous on fb. And everyone out there wishes that this couple stays together forever.

         In 2016, Mr Khan went Lucknow for a job and there they decided to meet for the first time so they met in a restaurant wherein they got lost in each other eyes, they hugged, they fought to pay the bill and Mr Khan kissed her on her hand. Hazel had bought a round ring for Mr Khan some 14 months back and she used to wear it with a chain in her neck. She always wanted to gift him that ring and she gifted it on that day. Later, they took an auto wherein they started clicking selfies and a song was playing in the auto which was so much relatable to them.
"Ruk jana, Ruk jana,
Tumse milne ko dil karta hai re baba,
Tum he ho jispei dil marta hai,
Tumse milne ko dil karta hai re baba."
They waved goodbye to each other as she reached her place.
            But not every love story is lucky enough, they love each other truly, they are just so perfect and loyal to each other but can't marry each other because of religion issues. They don't want to go against their parents' wish and are facing so much of suffering as they desperately want each other. All these thoughts made Mr Khan doing breakup with Hazel on Valentine's day and even he left Lucknow and now started living in Mumbai. Although they both did patch up later, they know that they won't be able to marry each other.
            According to them, love can also happen through a social media platform and distance doesn't matter in a relationship as they are into one for 4 long years with only one date. They are just wishing that it could have been so nice if there isn't exist any religion problems and if life could be like a movie which has a happy ending then this two hearts could also have met forever and they both can get married to each other. They are still hoping if any magic happens and their wish can get fulfilled. Let's pray and hope that they get each others' side till the rest of their lives.

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  1. hehehehe..nice story re..
    silu milu ki jodi...😁😁😉😉😇👌👌

  2. hehehehe..nice story re..
    silu milu ki jodi...😁😁😉😉😇👌👌


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