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A Sad Love Story

            So it's a story of Mahek and Aditya. They met each other long back and Mahek, who was very emotional, started developing feelings for Aditya slowly and steadily but Aditya wasn't much interested in her.
             After convincing him to be with her in a relationship, a day came when Mahek got her dreams come true as Aditya finally said yes for a relationship. It was like,
"Chahe tum Kuch na kaho, maine sun liya,
ke saathi pyaar ka mujhe chun lia"
It was all good in the beginning, maybe because they were having holidays for a week from their respective offices. They met, went on a date, started enjoying the good times. Later as their work schedule started again, they got busy with their job, giving less time to each other. Although Mahek was crazy for him, so she tried texting him, calling him for a couple of time in a day but Aditya hardly used to response.
             This goes on continuing for few days, some days they used to talk nicely while other days, busy schedule made Aditya give no time to Mahek. The situation went worse when Mahek's normal "good morning" texts also started frustrating him and his bad mood made him insult Mahek and he broke up with her. Also, he felt that his interest in her is over now which made Mahek went into depression. Because of this, she felt that this day had finished every damned dream of her and now as everything is over, she doesn't want to live so sadly she committed suicide as she wasn't able to bear with the heartbreak.
            Next day, Aditya woke up and realized that he was too rude yesterday with her gf and thought to apologize. He called her, texted her but got no response.. He thought that she might be mad at him and that's the reason she is ignoring her but that wasn't the case. He called her again and he heard the worst news by the girl's mother about her sad demise which made Aditya shattered into pieces. He never knew this could be the end of their story and that too because of him. He knew he has lost the precious pearl just because of his bad mood and wrong action.

            What we learn here is, don't let your busy schedule or bad mood hurt anyone's sentiment. It's easy to say sorry next day once you have hurt someone but it's not necessary, that person will be there to listen to you when you come for condonation. You may lose them. Think before saying things...!

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