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A beautiful first date..!

            A first date is an interesting and exciting meet for both the partners but not always it completely goes in a right way. Reasons are many but few need to be focused on.
            When a guy and a girl go out at some place or when a guy takes her to a place, he needs to check out that the surrounding needs to be more than perfect, of course, because a good spot does impress her. Other than the place, knowing each other and talking to each other by sharing good memories they had in past, be relatable or not is must. Also looking into each other eyes and listening to a song like,
"Tum jo aae zindagi mei baat ban gai,
Ishq mazhab, ishq meri zaat ban gai', is what makes a date more romantic.

             A girl always feels that she should be treated like a princess and she expects the same on her first date whereas, for a boy, he is always into impressing her and making a date the most memorable one is his efforts. Complementing her or gifting her something can also be the impressive thing a guy can do. But it's not always the same in all the cases. When we talk about a date, we often hear that a guy takes a girl out, they talk, they go for a lunch or dinner and it's mostly believed that a guy pays all the bills.
          Breaking the stereotype, in the modern time, we should get into a different pattern wherein even girls can approach a guy for a date, make him feel special, gift him things that he would love and can pay the bills too. Trust me, it will be classy as well as unique. Other than this, holding hands of your partner, hugging them, kissing them or spending all those lovey-dovey moments, totally depends on both the partner's comfort zone. Not all are comfortable on their first meet so making it go all smoothly and not being much touchy is what to be taken care of. It's like be a gentleman for her and let her set the precedent for a healthy relationship.

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