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Not all Promise stays Forever

            Sad no, when someone breaks their promises, especially those promises which were made when you were in true love, hell crazy for each other.
            But there come times when you can't let things continue as they were before. Every relationship in starting is always great and cheerful but with times, the spark goes on decreasing as you come to know that the relationship or your partner is becoming annoying day by day or when you come to know that its no longer the love of your life as you are not happy because of some or the other reasons. The same happened once with Me.
            The relationship was beautiful in starting. I was really happy to be with him and I promised him that I'll never leave his side. But who knew, that he is a lier, a big rogue. No he wasn't the one who don't respect girls or was demanding for anything but for all the wrong decision he took while being in a relationship, never valuing the relationship and taking it for granted, it wasn't possible for me to even talk to a person like him anymore. And then, I realized that I was again with a wrong guy. His friend used to tell me that, "Once, girls realized that they deserve someone better, they move on." But I gave him and this relationship, good amount of time till the official breakup was done.

            I know he must be thinking and listening to songs like,
"Kya hua, tera waada, wo kasam wo irada"
But he deserves it and he must be knowing now, what all mistakes he has done by not valuing this relationship and becoming stubborn, by not giving sufficient time, always complaining about small things, by being possessive and all the stupidity that he did. I still wonder if he even cares about all this now? He used to say me, that he loves me but his actions were completely opposite than his words. But I think it shouldn't matter to me anymore. And now I can proudly say that I broke all the Promises which I gave to him, as he made me do so and a big thanks to him for being a wrong part of my life, as because of this now I strongly feel that his friend was right, I deserve someone much better.                                That's why I say, value your relationship, value your partner and never let the love and sparks in your relationship go away...😘 And, never ever take things for granted.

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  1. Yup ua absolutely right dear..Well done...Ua getting better day by day swthrt...����


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