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            One day all of a sudden, I thought how one can define love? From my childhood, I have seen so many love stories, couples fighting for love, dating each other, having arguments and some even breaking up. But this is just a small part of life which every individual goes through..!
             Love is not when you meet someone and go crazy about. It's not just, "Pehli nazar mei aisa jaado kar dia" sort of thing. No, it never can be love at first sight, because it takes almost 20 years approx to know yourself so how can you start falling for someone at their very first glimpse? It can be an attraction but not love. Love is also not when you know each other for year(s) and you think that "if we are good or best friends then we can be a perfect couple too." It may work in the starting but it's not mandatory that friendship will last as a long-running relationship.

              So the question is still there, what is love? According to me, the best meaning of love is when you become carefree... Carefree from any bounds, any conditions; When you don't think about the differences that you both have; when you are ready to accept each other with all the flaws and yes even their perfections, this is when you cherish your unique bond; when you don't care about the world. No matter what caste, religion, age, race etc problem that comes in between, you are just crazy for your partner as they are for you. Love is when you care about someone more then you care for yourself. It's the most beautiful feeling one gets. But it doesn't happen when you want it to. It's just an unexpected thing, which comes to your way all of a sudden and then everything around you becomes charming.  

             It's a beautiful unplanned magic which everyone wants in their life. Just like "Me", "You" and everyone else around. So if it ever crosses your way, just hold it till the end..! 

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  1. Yo damn good concept u hv about love re like I hve...Well done..Keep going like this swthrt..😇


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