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Forever Crush and Love😘

             What's the best way to get your heart beats faster and slower at the same time? It's when I see you..! Whenever we talk or even when I get a text from you, I just go crazy. Crazy like explaining my feelings with words is not possible enough. No, you are not the very first guy, I have ever met or fallen for, but You are the one I desperately want to leave the world for...!
              Its not that I can't get you in my life, I am a stubborn person and have almost grab everything that I want or wish for and even its easy for me to make you mine as I know you too have some feelings for me, but though love is hell important, your happiness with your girlfriend is much more valuable. It feels like why we met and why did we talk but then that love for few mins is something I can live my entire life with.. You know I am crazy for you, you know it hurts me but only, I can just sing these lines,
"In my heart, there's some pain, don't ask me why I can't explain,
Maybe I did love him too, But there's nothing I can really do."
Nothing except watching you from far, you being with her at your favourite places, celebrating so many special moments.
              But that's all okay till I have all our chats, convos, our meets in my phone and mind. You are always gonna be that special someone. And yes even,
"Socha tha aapka naam mehndi se hath pei likh lu,
Fr yaad aaya ke mehndi se hath pei naam likha ja skta h, par naseeb mei nhi...!"

Sad girl post

              So I have to say you goodbye, soon.. It's not easy, trust me, but I have to be brave enough to let you go happily, my love but you are going to stay my forever crush and love...! This is our beautiful, few moments' Love Story and I'll make sure to never let my love for u, fades with times..😘 After all, Love isn't a deal that in return You'll going to get the same love from others. Love is Love.. Even if s/he isn't yours, One Sided Love can still rock.. Nobody is going to stop you from that.. It's all your rights...! And, as it's my birthday, I am posting this special love story of ours, today itself...!😘

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