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First Love or Last Love

            Sambhale Sambhalta nhi ye dil, kuch aap mei baat aisi hai." Yes, this is what you feel when it's your first love. Yes Yes, that "Pehla pehla pyaar hai, pehli pehli baar hai" or "Pehla nasha, Pehla khumar" are some of the songs, you'll feel are just made for you at that very moment...
            First love or first date is very beautiful, because till now, you have just seen it in movies or tv shows or have read about them in books but its very special when you come to know that "Hell this is my time, my story and I am the King/Queen of this special love story." You get conscious of what to wear, how to behave and even what to say. Even while texting, editing for every words and sentence are done to make the convos more impressive. The first love concept has always been the best part of our lives and we all have enjoyed that moment.

            Now not always, one is lucky to get their first love. Love goes through hard situations and breakups but some relationship still lasts. So the relationships that last eternally are the best one but those who don't may deserve another great chance which means another relationship. After all, first love is special, but last love is different and yes it is forever😍.. Because it's not about who was there at first in your life but it's about who was there with you till your last breath..!
            So be it your first or last love, never let it go, nor the person, neither the spark..! As love is all about celebrating all the wonderful moments in each other's arms. So with this article, do think about your first and last love and let me know, which one is special to you...!

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  1. Yuhuuu..again u did a good job sonio..well done Alishu keep up the good work...✌πŸ˜‡


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