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A love story at Goa

            Not everyone falls in love was his thinking; Not everyone gets the true love was hers until they met at the Goa beach. It was beautiful hot summer, Rani got the permission for the first time to go on a vacation with her friends. Abhay was a frequent tourist there.
            Abhay and Sanjay were chilling, and there came a beautiful Angel, Rani who was playing hide and seek with her friends. She asked them to not reveal that she is hiding behind them. Her eyes were something, Abhay fell for and he agreed not to say anything to anyone. Searching for her, her friends arrived there and Tina, the smartest snatched her wisely and then, they decided to go for lunch now. With a beautiful wide smile and blinking eyes, she thanked both the guys and left. Abhay at that very moment fall for her but he knew nothing about her, except her face and was wishing to see her again.

Goa beach

             Two days passed but there seems no hope of them meeting again but destiny had something else for them. The same night, in a pub Abhay saw her again and then without wasting a minute, he straightly went towards her and asked to dance along.. She agreed and a new love story was ready to start. Introduction, number exchange, friendship, frequent meetings, love and sadly in a year, breakup.. They decided never ever to see each other again. Even their friends were unhappy to see them cry for each other but not clearing out the misunderstanding because of their ego and past thinking.
            But destiny had some other plan for them and again a Goa plan was fixed by both of them at the same time, unknowingly and this time it was just Tina along with Rani and they visited the same pub. Abhay and Sanjay were also there. Suddenly, Rani and Abhay's eyes met with each other on the dance floor and they started dancing together on,
"Dil chori saada hogaya, oye ki kariye, ki kariye,
Naino mei kisi ke kho gaya, oye ki kariye, ki kariye'
and suddenly the music got low, so they talked, cleared all the misunderstandings and complaints they had for each other. Seeing them together, Sanjay and Tina gave them privacy, sat together on the sofa and started chit-chatting with each other, by ending up, exchanging numbers, and there seems, another love story was about to begin..!

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